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  • Demonetization’s Impact on the Indian Automotive Sector — Short-term Slump Will Subside Once Cash Flow Normalizes

    The Indian government’s bold move to invalidate large currency denominations in November has led to a severe liquidity crunch across the nation for over two months now. In an economy where dealing in hard cash is deeply entrenched, this has, invariably, resulted in a slowdown across several sectors.

    The automotive sector is among several other cash-starved sectors coping with India’s demonetization and slow transition to normalcy.

  • Mobility Trends and Their Impact on Auto Industry

    The automotive industry is ready to transform with the impending transition to shared, electric and connected mobility. The transition is expected to drive change at a tremendous pace and impact all players in the automotive ecosystem. The article chalks out a series of potential scenarios as mobility trends come into full effect, and talks about how players within the ecosystem are capitalising on the opportunities.


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  • Early Start Of Festivities For Indian Car Manufacturers

  • Will India’s Auto Industry Pay the Price for Clean Air?

    13 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India.

    In a quest to reduce air pollution, the Indian Supreme Court banned registrations for cars with diesel engines that exceeded 2,000cc capacity, a ban imposed within the nation’s capital until March 31, 2016.

    This ban has now been extended indefinitely, and will likely be enforced in other states as well.

    While a noble and necessary reform, could this policy cause more harm than good in India?


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