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  • Augmented Reality: Interweaving Worlds

    Augmented reality (AR) is a disruptive technology that intertwines the physical and virtual worlds. AR is being effectively applied in various areas, from healthcare to advertising. The use of AR-based aids has made distance learning more interesting and effective during the lockdown. In the commercial space, AR has benefitted both consumers and businesses. Moreover, AR systems are being used in defense to plan strategic operations. Overall, the adoption of AR has been reported to save operational cost and time, besides enhancing efficiency. Researchers in the field are devoting considerable efforts to further explore the potential of this technology which is expected to revolutionize the world and transform the way humans think and live.

  • Why AR and VR Have Been Unable to Gain Popularity in the Retail Industry?

    New age technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have gained prominence in the gaming industry. However, their full potential remains unexplored in other industries. One such industry is retail that has scratched the surface of this technology and is reaping its benefits. Will AR and VR be able to overcome the challenges related to their implementation and become the future of retail?

  • What will be the “New Normal” for Physical Retail?

    As the lockdowns ease and the world restarts, one of the worst-hit sectors, physical retail stores, have also opened their doors. While various countries are working on or introducing vaccines, the fear of COVID-19 will not be erased soon. To combat this, the retail sector will have to redesign the shopping experience and introduce new ideas to ensure that all safety regulations are met and business continuity is maintained.

  • COVID-19 Lockdown Plays Well for Gaming Industry

    Natural disasters, recessions, and other such devastating events tend to catalyze industry-wide trends and shift the power balance between sectors. COVID-19’s effect on various sectors, particularly gaming, will be in line with this notion.

  • New Technologies - Widening Horizons for Gaming Industry

    The online gaming industry has developed considerably since inception. Equipped with special features and interesting elements, this industry is much more advanced today. However, this business is highly competitive and constant innovation is necessary to retain customers. Every company in this sector faces pressure to constantly offer new, more entertaining products to survive. New-age technologies help the gaming industry move ahead and create enhanced experience for gamers.

  • Connected Packaging: Technology Enabling Experience

    Expectations related to packaging of products are changing as consumers increasingly expect a package to do more than just keep products safe. This has given rise to the concept of 'connected packaging', which acts as an effective marketing channel bringing physical products to the digital world.

  • Tech Solutions to Promote Mobility Among Elderly

    Several aged people suffer from restricted mobility due to various health issues. They are forced to use mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers to continue with their daily activities. Moreover, age-related problems such as weakening of vision and sluggish reflexes can make driving a challenging task. Technology has come to the rescue of elderly people in the form of new-age wheelchairs and cars with innovative safety features that are easy to use and allow them to be more independent.

  • Industry 4.0 – The Next Big Trend in Manufacturing Sector

    Revolution–Industry 4.0, also known as smart factories, is the forthcoming phase in digitization of the manufacturing sector where machines will interact with each other and make independent decisions. This would enable companies to improve productivity and take competition to the next level. Whether the new technology will find takers or not depends on how sustainable it is in the long term and how effectively it can translate into higher revenue, lower cost and increased productivity.

  • New Tech in Beauty Industry

    Research in this sector is driving the discovery of many new products and services that are changing the face of the beauty industry and enriching the shopping experience. The current generation would benefit the most from these changes, as when they reach their golden age, the technological evolution would help them look younger and better. With further digitalization of this sector, what would be the future of this industry?

  • Will Ageing Population Impact the Market for New Health Technologies?

    A new demographic study indicates that the average age of global population is slowly increasing. Countries like Japan and the UK are already struggling with large sections of ageing population, and the other countries are not far behind. This presents immense opportunities for health tech companies to evolve and create products and services specifically for senior citizens. Digital technologies and artificial intelligence could enable provision of holistic care with individual attention at the convenience of patients, which would soon be the need of hour across nations. We believe that adoption of these technologies to their fullest potential would still take 5–8 years. Baby boomers and Generation-X may not benefit from these technologies; nonetheless, Millennials could leverage the technologies to gain significant improvements in life in the future.

  • Online Retail – Massive Shift Due to COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated expansion in online shopping, which was already on a steady growth trajectory. E-commerce has become the only retail option for several consumers and even the technically shy customers are gravitating toward it. The boost has given an impetus to the Direct-to-Consumer business model and various FMCG brands are quickly adopting this model to evolve. Is this shift to online retail permanent or will customers prefer physical retail once the pandemic ends? It remains to be seen.


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  • Would You Tango With Google? Perhaps Not

    Tango is being touted as an affordable Augmented Reality platform without having the clutter of the Cardboard or other headgears. However, Tango seems far from being a game changer for the way users may consume indoor navigation using AR on mobile devices.

  • Technology Disruption in the Media Industry

    The world of entertainment has undergone a massive change in the past decade due to the advent of new technologies. Innovations in the platform, content, and the entire delivery process have ensured that our entertainment is engaging, exciting, and accessible anywhere, anytime. Such technologies are still evolving and will continue to enhance our viewing experience.

  • Whom Do You Trust With a Billion Dollar Technology Race — Financial Investors, or Strategic Investors?

    While every venture capitalist has their own motives, it all really boils down to one of two things — Profit, or Progress. Which of those two drivers is most likely to  help a new technology succeed? Read on to find out.

  • Need for Digital Innovations in the Infrastructure Industry

    Innovative technologies are disrupting every industry including infrastructure. Digitization would soon change the style of development and operation of infrastructure. Such innovations would ensure that labor-intensive activities involved in the construction of infrastructure become increasingly mechanized, facilitating the reduction in both cost and time taken to have these essential structures up and running.


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  • Rise of Virtual Reality (VR)

    The VR market had a good run in 2016, and the upswing is likely to continue due to increasing adoption of connected devices as well as the growing applications tailored to them. There are still challenges to contend with however, not the least of which are AR devices.