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  • 7 Factors That Are Holding Back China’s Shale Gas Revolution

    China’s aim to replicate the US shale gas revolution by 2020 has been stalled owing to multiple market, economic, and technological challenges.

  • 8 Things to Look for in a Good Research Partner

    If you're in business, you're at war.

    Odds are you’re also trying to run a lean business, which means you've not got enough manpower to chuck into the trenches.

    When it comes to gathering critical information about the markets, the competitors, or even the feasibility of key business decisions; most firms operating out there have in-house research experts that are a jack of all trades, but masters of none. And this might work in few cases.

    Sometimes though, and this definitely sneaks up on the weary that aren’t wary, you’ll need to spring a little extra for situations that call for specific expertise.

    Your first big decision is whether you want to tackle this internally, or hire a Research Partner. 


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  • Global Airport Security Market

    The global airport security market could be worth ~$11.0 Bn by 2020, driven by growth in the number of travelers, the opening of new airports, and increasingly stringent security mandates.

  • Global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Market

    Demand for new and improved UAVs has been driven by internal and external security threats, territorial disputes, as well as modernization initiatives undertaken by several armed forces worldwide.