Hair Care Preparations

Published on 25 Nov, 2014

Hair care encompasses the overall maintenance of the health and hygiene of hair. Rising consumer income and changing lifestyle drive growth in the hair care market. The hair care market was estimated at $66 billion in 2010, and is expected to increase going forward. Growth in this market is mainly driven by the ageing population in western countries, supported by rising consumer income and changing lifestyle in developing nations.

As competition intensifies, major companies are launching superior products. Increasing consumer preference for the use of natural products is forcing major companies to change their R&D strategies. More than 1,500 patents are filed every year in this segment.

Consistent Patent Filing Activity in the Last Six Years

Patent filing has constantly increased from 2009 to 2014, with the highest number of filing reported in 2013. The United States dominated the research space, with approximately 14,470 patents, followed by Europe. A total of 14,472 patent applications have been filed via the PCT route.

Patent Filing in last six years
Patent Filing Hair Care

Large companies operating in this segment include L’Oréal, Henkel, Kao Corp, Procter and Gamble, and Unilever. In terms of patent filings in the last five years, L’Oréal leads the space, with 975 patent applications, followed by Henkel.

The US and Europe dominate the research space with approximately 30% and 13% of overall patents filed, respectively, over last six years. High number of patent filings in the US can be attributed to strong domestic market for hair care products, owing to the increasing use of salon services.

Top Companies are Focusing on Different Aspects of Hair Care Preparations

To tap this lucrative market, several companies such as L’Oréal, Henkel, Kao Corp, Procter and Gamble and Unilever have entered the segment. In terms of patents, L’Oréal leads with 975 patents filed in the last five years followed by Henkel.

Company Number patents filed (2008 onwards) Key Focus Areas
Loreal 975 Hair care composition along with products for dyeing and/or conditioning of hair
Henkel 509 Preparations containing conditioners and dyes for hair
Kao Corp 312 Developing products for dyeing and conditioning of hair. The company is also working on products for cleaning of hair
Procter and Gamble 180 Cosmetic and toilet preparations, followed by preparations for dyeing and conditioning of hair
Unilever 154 Compositions of treatment for hair and scalp

Source: Aranca analysis based on Thomson Innovation Data

Future Research to Focus on Hair Treatment Techniques

The global hair care market comprises hair colorants, conditioners, styling agents and shampoos. The global sale of the hair care market was $66 billion in 2010, and is expected to rise with developments in western and BRICS economies. Companies are working on advanced research and technologies to bring superior products into the market to tap this lucrative opportunity of global expansion.

Our analysis shows that future research in this area will be focused on the preparations for hair weaving, hair straightening, hair bleaching, hair oil, anti-dandruff shampoo, and peptide-containing products for hair growth. Some of the specific solutions will include:

  • Hair dyeing and/or conditioning (hair dyes are used for colouring hair, whereas conditioners are used for softening of hair)
  • Permanent hair weaving or hair straightening composition
  • Hair cleaning composition (e.g. shampoo with antidandruff components, active herbal ingredients and peptides for strengthening of hair roots)