Hemendra Aran - Co-Founder - Aranca

Hemendra Aran


Hemendra founded Aranca in 2003 with the vision to offer world-class custom research and analytics services to global clients. He led Aranca’s evolution to a strong global player in the custom research and analytics domain, and championed its mission to empower decision makers by providing solutions that enable strategic business decisions.

An alumnus of London Business School (MBA), Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, and Indian Institute of Technology (Madras), Hemendra has rich and extensive experience in outsourcing best practices, having worked with global corporations, including Goldman Sachs, Reebok and Thomson Electronics during his stint with Infosys.

Hemendra has authored several books on outsourcing and global financial markets, such as Outsourcing Success: The Management Imperative, and Global Financial Markets Revolution: The Future of Exchanges and Capital Markets. He is also passionate about meaningful and soulful cinema and has founded a media & entertainment production company Meher Miracles.