Financial Modeling Valuation

At Aranca, we understand that a robust, reliable and accurate financial model acts as a strong tool for the management for business decision-making in variety of situations including investment evaluation, budgeting, capital structure planning and performance tracking. Our financial modeling analyst team has strong expertise of building robust financial models for wide range of transaction and non-transaction related situations for several businesses across diverse industry sectors. We have executed financial modeling assignments involving some of the most complex transaction structures for variety of clients including corporations, investment houses, private equity funds and family offices.

We build financial models that capture reality-based situations, are highly dynamic and allow users to conduct rigorous analysis across multiple scenarios. While our financial models are highly flexible to allow extensive data manipulation and analysis, but yet are intuitive use requiring minimum effort on training / familiarization. Our financial models provide a well structured dashboard to capture the assumptions and carefully designed outputs to draw meaningful conclusions by providing bird’s eye view on the entire analysis

Financial Modeling Valuation

We employ industry best practices with a sharp focus on client’s specific needs. Aranca professionals know that a corporate reporting tool should have the flexibility to be updated on a rolling basis and how critical a dynamic WACC is for a LBO model.

Aranca can assist in financial modeling across multiple situations:

  1. 1. Business Restructuring
  2. 2. Corporate reporting tools
  3. 3. LBO/M&A transactions
  4. 4. Business Performance tracking/Budgetary Tools
  5. 5. Project Finance
  6. 6. Investment Portfolio analysis
  7. 7. Return Analysis
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Financial Modeling Valuation Clients
“I highly recommend Aranca. They are thorough in their valuation process, responsive and confident in their methodologies."
- CEO, A solar technology company