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Hitesh JainBy Hitesh Jain,
Senior Manager - Investment Research at Aranca

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By Avinash Singh,
Senior Analyst - Investment Research at Aranca

Value Investing, a Bottom-up Approach

In December 2015, the US Federal Reserve decided to normalize interest rates, with an increase in the federal funds rate, for the first time since 2006.

This reversal in interest rates is compelling investment managers to revisit their strategies.

Traditionally, portfolio managers follow the growth and value investing approaches for stock selection. Under growth investing, a portfolio manager selects stocks with high bottom-line growth, return on equity (ROE), profit margin, and low dividend yield. On the other hand, value investing focuses on companies that operate on a robust business model but trade at a subdued valuation relative to their sound fundamentals.


The Disruptive power of virtual currency

Prachi AshaniBy Prachi Ashani,
Associate - Business Research at Aranca
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Charu ThukralBy Charu Thukral,
Analyst - Business Research at Aranca

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Shweta OzaBy Shweta Oza,
Analyst - Business Research at Aranca
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Ashwin RamakrishnanBy Ashwin Ramakrishnan,
Manager - Business Research at Aranca

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By Radheshyam Moholkar,
Analyst - Business Research at Aranca

Virtual currency has been a debated concept within the technology community in the past few years, as transactions through this medium do not require any third party’s involvement. The concept has generated mixed reactions from investors, regulators, traders and online exchanges.

The potential for virtual currency is immense in this age of technological innovation, and businesses worldwide are assessing the pros and cons of adopting it.


obamacare winners and losers

Ankur GajjariaBy Ankur Gajjaria,
Senior Analyst - Business Research at Aranca
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Prachi AshaniBy Prachi Ashani,
Associate - Business Research at Aranca
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By Wendell Miranda,
Associate - Business Research at Aranca

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Touted as one of the biggest healthcare reforms in the US, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, has been the subject of countless political debates and discussions.

As Republicans and Democrats continue to battle over the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (popularly known as Obamacare), certain sectors have emerged as clear winners and losers from the current state of implementation of the Act.

This report aims to identify the sectors that have benefitted and been adversely affected due to the implementation of Obamacare (beginning March 2010) and highlight the key drivers behind these trends.


Nanoparticles to fight cancer

Anup PatwaBy Anup Patwa,
Associate - Technology and Patent Research at Aranca

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At just 1–100 nanometres in size, Nanoparticles are the next big thing in cancer treatment.

Designed to enter tissues at a molecular level, they can help therapeutic agents pass through biologic barriers, mediate molecular interactions and identify molecular changes.

A bold new platform for cancer diagnostics and therapy, these particles can be used as carriers in a targeted drug delivery approach, minimizing drug-originated systemic toxic effects.

The development and application of engineered nanoparticles to more effectively treat cancer have witnessed significant advancement over the past several decades.

Nanotechnology is a rapidly evolving domain solving various issues associated with conventional drug therapeutics, including poor water solubility, lack of targeting capability, non-specific distribution, systemic toxicity, and low therapeutic index.

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