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Aranca Report on India Interim Budget 2014

In the last budget of the UPA II government, Mr. Chidambaram stressed on the country’s inherent potential to regain high economic growth. With the general elections now only months away, clearly some of the targets set in the interim budget appear optimistic. Since this was a vote on account rather than the budget, his terms of reference were restricted constitutionally, and there was very little scope for him to introduce new taxation and expenditure proposals


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SAUDI ARABIA - A USD1.3 Trillion Economy by 2025

As the exclusive knowledge partner for The Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2013, Aranca has compiled a special report on Saudi Arabia’s journey till 2025, highlighting the Kingdom’s economic potential, its influence on the region’s economy and opportunities available.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), a completely oil-dependent economy until a few decades ago, has now transformed into one of the most vibrant economies in the Middle East. Today, the country has a diversified economic structure, strong international trade links, a stable political environment, strong fiscal surplus and a vibrant financial services sector. Saudi Arabia’s increasing contribution to the global economy has earned it a permanent seat at the G-20 -- the only OPEC member to get the honour.

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India Budget 2013-14 Analysis

The last time Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram presented the budget, India was growing at 9% and inflation was at 5%. This time around, the growth is a much-muted 5%, while inflation is at 7%. With national elections looming in 2014, this last full budget for the term meant Chidambaram had two options: set his sights on 2014, go with guns blazing and devise a populist budget, or retain prudence and economic sense, and make a budget that takes care of the long term.


Aranca Report ‘Packaging Industry: A Review’, released at the ASSOCHAM Packaging Summit

Aranca was appointed the Exclusive Knowledge Partner for the ASSOCHAM Packaging Summit, held at Delhi on October 17, 2012.

The event focused on the theme of ‘Packaging - Challenges and Opportunities in India’ and discussed a diverse range of topics in the packaging industry such as the dynamics of the packaging industry, supply and demand aspects, new materials, technological innovations and the impact of chaging consumer preferences in India and abroad.