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thumb-Wearable-computing-device-ProcessTechnological developments and adoption levels of end users are likely to play a key role in the demand for more wearable computing devices in the near future. It will be interesting to see whether the rise in demand sustains current momentum or fizzles out en route.

NFC-Enabled-Cell-Phone-Shipments-thumbNFC-enabled cell phone shipments are significantly growing. As consumer awareness about the numerous benefits of NFC technology increases, NFC-enabled cell phones are expected to gain further momentum and change the game.

Anywhere--Everywhere-Global-mobile-broadband-scaling-newer-heights thumbWith constant upgradation in infrastructure, the global mobile broadband market is making the fastest growth in the global telecom sector. Over the next three to five years, 4G/ LTE network is expected to be the fastest developing technology, especially in the developed economies.