Economic Research & Analytics Services

Aranca’s economic research services cater to the needs of a wide array of clients ranging from financial institutions and corporations to government-affiliated bodies. Our analysts track key economies – developed, emerging and frontier – across the globe and provide a broad range of qualitative and quantitative economic research services of varying complexities. Whether it is outsourced sector research, a periodic indicator watch, a newsletter, a thematic piece, or a complex econometric modelling and forecasting assignment, our experienced economists always deliver high quality research and analysis by using a range of exclusive databases.

Over the years, Aranca has:

  • Developed comprehensive econometric models on both advanced and emerging economies
  • Analyzed policy scenarios on central banks in Asia and Europe in detail
  • Provided investors with demand and prices forecasts on key sectors across geographies

Aranca offers a wide range of economics research outsourcing/offshoring services as part of our investment research practice.

Economic periodicals and policy trackers

Aranca helps clients keep abreast of global economic movements through custom-designed periodicals of varying frequencies. We provide weekly, monthly and quarterly economic updates with in-depth analysis on key events. In particular, the economics research team specializes in tracking monetary and fiscal policy across the globe with clients benefitting from our impact-evaluation studies and analysis on expected movements on the policy front.

  • Periodic overview of economies and key themes
  • Monetary policy updates and analysis
  • Regular analysis of currency and commodity markets
  • Debt market trackers
Economic Periodicals and Policy Research

Sector and thematic research

The economics research team also conducts numerous sector-specific studies covering several geographies. Our sector research looks to interpret key economic themes that are likely to have an impact on cyclical and/or structural trends in economic activity, while connecting policy movements with trends. Besides supporting investment decisions, these studies are also act as brand-building exercises.

Key areas include:

Themes of economic
  • Global supply fundamentals – impact on prices and production
  • Understanding the threats of contagion from isolated economic events
  • Challenges in economic integration
Concept papers and policy
direction analysis
  • Analysis of regulations and economic reforms
  • Innovations in monetary and fiscal policy
  • International trade and hurdles ahead for further global trade reforms
Sector research
  • Updates on key sectors, policy movements, and analysis
  • Identifying investment opportunities in sectors (and geographies)
  • Studying correlation between economic growth and asset markets

Database creation, updates and maintenance

As part of our support to various global clients, at Aranca, we maintain a collection of comprehensive databases covering economies across the world. These databases include raw data and forecasts on major economic variables – both macroeconomic and sector-specific – and key indicators, and are regularly updated for new releases. Based on client requirements, we often produce data dashboards and other analytic tools to aid easy interpretation and analysis by our clients.

  • Databases on economies and major indicators
  • Periodic updates of data forecasts
  • Chart-books and interactive queries
Econometric Modelling and Forecasting Research

Econometric modelling and forecasting

Aranca provides insights and forecasts on several economic variables. The team uses comprehensive econometric modelling techniques, including regression and time series analysis for forecasting. While, on one hand we have created comprehensive macroeconomic models for countries including risk analysis, we also have extensive experience in microeconomic sector-specific modelling.

Macroeconomic modelling
  • Comprehensive macroeconomic models for countries and regions
  • Modelling specific variables like interest rate, inflation, and structural indicators
  • Scenario and sensitivity analysis
Microeconomic modelling
  • Demand and/ or price forecasting for key sectors
  • Modelling key banking and financial sector variables/ indicators
  • Impact-evaluation of policy reforms and shocks (to demand and/ or supply)
  • Turkey: Macroeconomic forecasting model, scenario analysis, and risks to growth
  • South Africa: Macroeconomic forecasting model with analysis on risks to growth
  • Germany: Macroeconomic forecasting model
  • Forecasting power demand growth in India
  • Macroeconomic database on key advanced and emerging economies
  • Chartbook on key economic variables for US, Canada and Europe
  • Weekly global economic brief
  • Monthly indicator watch – Germany, UK, Canada
  • Monthly economic update – Global economy and the Middle East and North Africa region
  • Debt market trackers
  • Macroeconomic yearbooks
  • Monetary policy updates – US, UK, Eurozone, Turkey, India
  • International trade policy – progress on the Doha round of negotiations
  • Impact of macroeconomic factors on US market performance
  • Movement in gold prices and the US Dollar
  • Asset correlation/ pattern analysis – WTI crude versus the EUR-USD currency pair
  • Weekly commodity and currency update
  • Sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone
  • Direction of economic policy in Brazil
  • Monetary union in the Gulf Cooperation Council
  • Renewable energy in the Middle East
  • Privatisation initiatives in Africa
  • Bank of England policies in the wake of rising inflation, high unemployment and fiscal tightening
  • Updates on key sectors driving growth in India
  • Series of papers on the manufacturing sector in India
  • Correlation between Fed policy and equity indices in the US
  • Investment opportunities in the SME sector in Africa
(Turkey) Macroeconomic forecasting model, scenario analysis, and risks to growth

A leading bank in the Middle East

(South Africa) Macroeconomic forecasting model with analysis on risks to growth

A leading brokerage house in South Africa

(Canada) Monthly macroeconomic indicator watch

A leading brokerage house in North America

(Middle East and North Africa) Monthly economic update

A leading bank in the Middle East

(India) Sector study – Innovation in Indian manufacturing

India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), a trust established by the Ministry of Commerce (India) with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) as its associate

(United States) Correlation analysis – Federal funds rate vs. key banking indices

A leading pension fund in North America

(Currencies and Commodities) Asset correlation/ pattern analysis – WTI crude versus EUR-USD currency pair

A leading brokerage firm in the UK

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