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Aranca’s outsourced financial and investment research and analytics services for Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE and VC) firms span all stages of the investment life cycle - right from deal origination, deal evaluation and portfolio monitoring to strategy support. Several PE firms have benefited from our flexible engagement models that stress on rapid turnaround and cost savings through the deal-making process.

We recognize that senior managers in PE and VC firms face the critical challenge of managing ongoing research needs and paucity of time. They need that extra insight and edge to make smart investment decisions. At Aranca, we are adept at providing these services.

Over the past seven years, Aranca has:

  • Worked with over 50 private equity clients across the globe
  • Assisted fund managers on over 500 investment proposals
  • Provided research/documentation support to general partners on over 50+ fund raising initiatives
Whether it is an assignment involving target identification, investment proposal screening, company screening/profiling or complex tasks like evaluating a business model or writing a business plan, our team of experienced investment research analysts understand exactly what is needed.

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  • Dedicated team for a US based PE helping general partners with screening investment themes/opportunities
  • Dedicated team for a MENA based PE to develop PPM and road show presentations
  • Dedicated analyst support for a Middle Eastern PE firm; work includes drafting sector/thematic reports, preparing private placement memorandums (PPMs) and preparing monthly newsletters
  • Dedicated analyst support for Saudi Arabia based PE firm; work includes preparation of market databases and updating them, presentation support and company analysis
  • Three analysts’ dedicated team support for a leading PE in GCC; work includes financial modeling, drafting PPM documents and presentation support
  • Identifying and profiling mid-market companies across specific investment themes for a PE firm based in the US
  • Identifying investment opportunities in the global toll road theme for an European PE firm
  • Comps analysis and precedent transaction analysis for a PE firm in the US planning to take one of its portfolio companies for IPO
  • A study on the attractive sectors and themes for an US based PE firm evaluating opportunities in Asia
  • PPM for leading PE firm in the GCC for arising fund to be invested in alternative energy companies
  • PPM for a leading UAE based PE firm for raising money for a fund to invest in green building technology company
  • Assisted a Bahrain based PE firm on drafting a PPM for raising money to be invested in students accommodation properties in Europe
  • Drafted PPM document for a Middle East based PE firm for raising fund to be invested in education, energy, tourism, agriculture and textile sectors
  • Prepared a PPM document and a road show presentation for a leading investment firm in Qatar trying to raise money to be invested in affordable housing projects in Brazil
  • Drafted a PPM for a leading investment house in Saudi Arabia for raising fund to invest in a hotel property in Saudi Arabia
  • Prepared a PPM document for a leading PE firm in GCC to raise money to invest in a UK based VFX software company
  • Building credit rating models for a GCC based PE firm interesting in investing in unrated Islamic bonds (Sukuks)
Identifying investment opportunities in the global Toll Road theme

A large European Asset Management firm looking for research support to identify and assess investment opportunities in the infrastructure (toll roads) space during times of high inflation.

Dedicated analyst support –preparation of sector and thematic report, PPM documents and monthly newsletters

A large PE firm in the Middle East focusing on investments in education, healthcare and renewable energy sectors . Aranca supports the client with a dedicated analyst model

A comprehensive financial model to capture a PE firm’s business and operating plan

A PE firm focused on investing in key infrastructure sectors in Africa, engaged Aranca to develop a comprehensive financial model which will act as an internal tool for management information, budgeting, financial analysis, performance assessment and other related purposes.

Initial review note and financial model auditing of potential investment opportunities for a Europe based PE firm

A large European PE firm focusing on investments across different geographies. Aranca supports the client with preparation of initial review notes on potential investment opportunities and also with financial model audit

Developing business plan for portfolio companies for a MENA based PE

A leading PE firm based in the Middle East. Aranca assisted the client with the preparation of a detailed business plan for one of its portfolio companies planning to set up age management clinics. Aranca submitted a business plan document supported by a financial model

Market study on ARM based SoCs used in computing, consumer and electronic devices

A European PE firm commissioned Aranca to do a detailed study on end-markets where ARM architecture based system-on-chips (SoCs) are used extensively and the potential for X86 processors to make in-roads into these devices

Identification and profiling of companies in target sectors with specific technology capabilities

A US based PE firm looking for profiles of mid-market companies across specific investment themes. Aranca supports the client through a dedicated team model

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