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Aranca provides outsourced equity research, economic research, credit and fixed income research and analysis support to brokerage firms, helping them to increase their research output while also reducing costs. In an environment of falling commissions and tougher regulations, several sell-side firms have been forced to cut their research costs and coverage. Aranca’s clients, however, have actually expanded their research coverage, differentiated themselves in the market and retained the flexibility to ramp up or down – all without adding any fixed costs.

Aranca’s research outsourcing services to sell-side firms are focused on freeing up client analysts’ time for revenue generating client-facing activities. By reducing the time spent by our clients on maintenance research, we enable them to focus on generating more ideas and ramp up research faster.

Having worked with 40+ brokerage houses from developed to emerging markets, our analysts have provided research on over 2500 companies across 70 sectors and all major geographies. Whether it is supporting company research initiations or ongoing maintenance, sector / thematic research or regular monitoring of markets or companies, Aranca’s highly trained analysts are proficient in taking on various tasks specific to our client's requirements.

Our range of services for brokerage firms include:

  • Initiation and maintenance of coverage on 150+ S&P500 stocks for a US based broker-dealer
  • Initiation and maintenance of coverage on 200+ global stocks (ADRs) for a leading UK-based IRP
  • Initiation on 50+ biopharmaceutical stocks for an European stock broker
  • Initiation and maintenance of coverage on 35+ large cap stocks for a leading brokerage in South Africa
  • Initiation and maintenance of coverage on 50+ stocks for a leading brokerage house in Saudi Arabia
  • Initiation note and models on 50 micro cap stocks in North America for a US broker
  • Regular modeling/research support to 10 onsite analysts for a UK based brokerage
  • Model creation and maintenance on 100 large stocks for an Indian brokerage
  • Quarterly earnings update notes on 400+ S&P500 stocks for a US based brokerage house
  • Modeling support to a US brokerage for 300 initiation model and quarterly maintenance
  • Investment Note and Model on small and mid-cap Chinese and Indian stocks for a German brokerage
  • Daily global market tracker for a US brokerage
  • Weekly sector updates on 16 sectors in US for a US brokerage
  • Daily note with stock ideas of the day for UK broker-dealer
  • Daily technical report on GCC markets for a UAE based brokerage
  • Daily technical report on KSA stocks for a Saudi brokerage
  • Credit recommendation note on 80+ issuers for a US based brokerage
  • Credit model maintenance support on quarterly basis to a North America based brokerage
  • Credit recommendation notes on 40+ sukuks (Islamic bond) for a MENA based investment bank
  • New issues review notes for HY bonds offering for a full service securities brokerage firm in the US
  • Weekly credit market roundup for a MENA based brokerage
  • Monthly economic monitor for a US brokerage
  • Weekly economy and market updates for a UK brokerage
  • Macroeconomic forecasting model and quarterly update for a South African brokerage
  • Monthly economic update – Global economy and the Middle East and North Africa region for a MENA brokerage
  • Macroeconomic database on key advanced and emerging economies for a MENA brokerage
  • Daily commodities watch for a European brokerage
  • Daily commodities & currencies technical for a UAE brokerage
  • Daily commodities review for US based brokerage
  • Weekly metals outlook: copper, zinc & nickel for a US brokerage
  • Monthly gold outlook for a UK brokerage
Initiating and maintaining coverage on 200+ global stocks (ADRs) listed in NYSE
A large UK based Independent Research Provider was seeking to ramp up its research coverage. This included about 200+ stocks across the globe
Initiation of coverage, quarterly earnings and special events update for 120+ stocks in MENA
A large Investment Bank and Brokerage house in Saudi Arabia was seeking to expand sell-side coverage of MENA listed stocks (with emphasis on Saudi stocks)
Initiation of coverage, quarterly earnings and special events update for 120+ stocks in MENA
A large Investment Bank and Brokerage house in Saudi Arabia was seeking to expand sell-side coverage of MENA listed stocks (with emphasis on Saudi stocks)
Quarterly updates on 400+ S&P500 stocks in the US
A large Independent Research Provider in the US wanted continuous qualitative-based research assistance on 400+ S&P500 stocks. It involved putting across a brief qualitative investment argument supporting quant-based stock recommendation generated by the client’s proprietary rating model.
Stock tracking and financial model updates of 1000+ US listed stocks
A U.S. focused long/short equity strategy Hedge Fund, with AUM of $2.5 billion, engaged Aranca for research support
Sector focused coverage of stocks for portfolio managers
A U.S. based long only global Hedge Fund with AUM of $3.8 billion. Primarily focuses on Agriculture, Consumer, Energy sectors in the US, India and Middle East & North Africa regions.
Investment screening of stocks
A leading Asset Manager in the US wanted a stock screener based on fundamental parameters – quantitative & qualitative – to help select securities for its portfolio.
High dividend yield portfolio creation and back-testing
A leading GCC based Investment Firm was looking to build a stock portfolio with fundamentally strong stocks that will generate higher returns.
Model creation and maintenance of 200+ stocks – United States
A leading US based Brokerage wanted assistance in creating valuation models and updating these models with quarterly earnings on over 200 stocks under their coverage.
Credit notes on 80+ corporate bonds – United States
A full service securities brokerage and investment banking firm in US with a focus on the below-investment-grade debt markets for institutional clients.
Daily market report for a brokerage house – Middle East & North Africa
A leading GCC based brokerage house was planning to come out with a daily market report on the MENA markets highlighting movements in key indices and stocks.
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