Equity Research
(Brokerage Firms & IRPs)

Brokerage firms & Independent Research Providers leverage our analyst teams to cope with the ever-changing market scenarios.


Of global M-cap is accounted by the stocks we research.


Stocks for which we've written detailed investment cases.


Sectors that are extensively covered for various clients across the globe.


Models with in-depth analysis on the basis of key value drivers.

Solutions Portfolio

Aranca enables sell-side institutions to expand coverage cost effectively.

Coverage & Maintenance

  • Financial modeling & valuation
    • Initiation model
    • Earnings update
  • Equity notes
    • Initiation reports
    • Earnings update reports
    • Sector write-ups
  • Maintenance support
    • Earnings call summary
    • Forecasting and assumption validations
    • Model audit and QC

Databases & Screeners

  • Database creation, maintenance, and automation
  • Sector-specific databases
  • Back-testing analysis of screeners
  • Database-linked valuation sheets

Sector & Thematic Research

  • Macro analysis & equity strategy
  • Theme identification
  • Stock ideas & investment hypothesis testing
  • Sector-specific studies
  • Reports on macro themes

Market Monitoring & News Updates

  • Newsletters tracking sectors, markets, and economies
  • Industry/company news scan
  • Tracking Industry/ management interviews
  • Morning meeting notes
  • After-market trade commentaries
  • News and impact analysis
  • Updating sector monitors

Our Experience

North America Supported over 20+ large and mid-sized brokerages covering 3,500 stocks across 50+ industries; accounting for research coverage on 50% of the market cap
South America Covered over 750+ stocks (financial models and reports) across 40+ sectors; accounting for research coverage on 40% of the market cap
Western Europe Covered over 2,500+ stocks accounting for 60% of the market cap across 60+ sectors
Middle East Covered over 750+ stocks across the region (across GCC and other Middle East countries) including large, mid, and small-caps; accounting for research coverage on 85% of the market cap
Africa Extensive coverage of over 500+ African stocks and 20+ sectors along with onshore support in some cases
Asia and Australia Sell-Side engagement with 20+ brokerages/IRPs to cover 2,000+ stocks across China, Japan, Korea, Australia, India and Indonesia, accounting for research coverage on 60% of the market cap

Looking to increase your investment research coverage while still reducing costs?

Knowledge Library

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    The twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties (COP21) was a historic gathering in support of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The conference

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  3. China’s Luxury Market — Losing Sheen?

    China’s current economic slowdown has been a bane for the country’s millionaire club. A weak currency, strong ant-corruption reforms, and stiff luxury taxes are

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