Telecommunications Patent Research & Analysis

Aranca's clients in the telecommunications sector include many of the worlds' leading mobile operators, cable companies, handset manufacturers, telecom equipment providers, component / material manufacturers and universities / research institutes. We have executed several patent related research assignments in the telecom sector across multiple areas such as standards (2G/3G/4G), GSM/CDMA technology, signal processing, satellite communication, network security, NFC devices, mobile applications, broadcasting towers and data processing among others.

Aranca's highly qualified team comprising individuals with specialization in digital signal processing, wireless / satellite communication and network technologies has assisted several patent managers and attorneys with novelty, landscape, invalidation, FTO and technology assessment studies across multiple jurisdictions. 

Telecommunications Patent Research

Aranca: Patent Research Experience in Telecommunications Sector

  • 4G / 3.5G (LTE, Wi-Max, IEEE 802.16m,  HSPA, E-Ultra, Flash-OFDM ...) 
  • 3G / 2G (UMTS, TD-SCDMA, IEEE 802.11n,  GSM, CDMA, D-AMPS ...)
  • Bluetooth/Zigbee (IEEE 802.15 ...)
  • RFID (ISO/IEC 14443, ASTM D7434 ...)
  • NFC (ISO/IEC 18092, ECMA 340 ...)
  • Mobile Handsets (multi touch, flexible screen, projector phone, multi-SIM, tablets ... )
  • Radio (digital radio, satellite navigation ...)
  • Smart Cards (NFC smart cards, tags, inlays ...)
  • VOIP (PSTN integration, noise reduction, portable device ...)
  • Transmitter/Receivers (PCM, DM, RF transmitters ...)
  • Signal Processing (SSU, SONET, SDH ...)
  • Error Detection and Correction (ARQ, CRC-32, turbo code ...)
  • Data Security (HIBE, keygen, TTP, IKE, AH ...)
  • Network Equipments (MSC, BR, ABR, ASBR, N routers, Modem, DTH, antennas …)
  • TCP/IP (IP v6, IP v4, WAN, LAN, MAN, VPN ...)
  • M-Commerce (M coupons, targeted marketing ...)
  • Entertainment (Touch & play, 3D gaming, mobile ticketing, social media, mobile TV ...)
  • Sync and Share (One-click file sharing, NFC tap & share ...)
  • Value Added Services (Location based services, weather forecasting, live feed ...)
  • Invalidation search related to fiber optic cables including multiple optical fibers and reinforced with a mutually abutting and helically extending metal wires, for a leading fiber optic cable manufacturing company in Europe
  • FTO search related to RF tag in bag lock at airport terminal for a leading aircraft manufacturer in the US
  • Novelty search related to connected car ICE processor for a leading mobile platform supplier
  • Prior art search related to coherent switching of gnss bands for a leading mobile technology company mainly provides GPS receiver modules and chips, GPS software, 2G/3G/ 3.5G modem.
  • Patent drafting related to power grid application for a leading mobile platform supplier
  • Office action response related to use profiling for automating feature control on battery limited devices for a leading mobile platform supplier
  • Patent drafting related to means to handle Over-The-Air (OTA) modem baseband firmware updates for a leading mobile platform supplier
  • Landscape analysis related to near field communication for a Finland based company with a diversified industry exposure
  • Landscape analysis related to user connected profiled message for a leading mobile solutions provider
  • Landscape analysis related to radio transceiver circuit linearization for a leading mobile platform supplier
  • Patent valuation related to patent for movement detection for a leading mobile platform supplier in the US
  • Technology assessment related to sensor-based high-mobility beam forming for a leading mobile platform supplier
Technology landscaping study for a leading telecom equipment manufacturer in Europe

A global telecom equipment manufacturer engaged Aranca for landscape analysis to obtaining insights for a particular segment of telecom equipments

Novelty search relating to design of optic fiber cable

A European manufacturer of cables engaged Aranca for novelty search relating to design of optic fiber cable

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Telecommunications Patent Research Clients
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