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Capability Overview

Among the leading sectors from an innovation and R&D spend perspective globally, the Information Technology segment has witnessed over 2.5 million patent filings in the last ten years. Aranca's clients for patent research in the IT & Computing segment include some of the largest or fastest growing software & hardware companies, internet companies, Private Equity firms, IP brokerage firms, Universities and individual inventors. 

From prior art searches to support for evaluating commercialization opportunities, Aranca has delivered several hundred patent research assignments across various technology domains like e-commerce, web / mobile applications, database design, data security, business method algorithms, GUI, cryptography, software applications, artificial intelligence, system programming, payment transactions, networking products and other hardware devices.

Aranca: Patent Research Experience in Information Technology & Computing Segment

Software & Application
  • Web Applications (Stock trading, real estate, social networking, classifieds ...)
  • E-commerce portals (Shopping carts, product offerings, product comparisons, SSL ...)
  • GUI / Visualization (User interface, display pages, navigation …)
  • System application & Software (Games, audio/video players, product based software ...)
  • Business method (Betting, general purpose optimization, credit management ...)
  • AI intelligence (Games, motion & manipulation, natural language processing ...)
  • Database design (Data modeling, ER diagrams, Normalization ...)
  • Mobile Applications (Development environment, testing tools, M-commerce ...)
  • Program architecture/ Algorithm (Internal structure, application logic, calculation ...)
  • Payment transactions (Digital wallets, e-cash, mobile payment, e-checks ...)
  • Network Security (Authentication, firewalls, VPN gateways, intrusion detection ...)
  • Server /Domain Hosting (Free, cluster, dedicated, shared hosting ...)
  • Protocol (TCP/IP, Kermit, FTP, HTTP, SMTP ...)
  • Data center (Secure environment, availability time, data back-up, dual power ...)
  • Cloud computing (Client-server model, peer to peer, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS ...)
Hardware Devices
  • Input / Output devices (Mouse, keyboard, image scanner, webcam ...)
  • Battery /power source (Single cell, CMOS battery, UPS ...)
  • Display devices (Touch screen, LCD, plasma, TFT, OLED ...)
  • Data Storage devices (Flash memory, hard drives, optical disc RAM ...)
  • Advance Computer (Optical computers, DNA computers, neural computers ...)
  • Computers (Desktop. notebook, laptop, tablets ...)
  • Others (Routers, switch, Wi-fi devices, server racks ...)

Assignment Examples

Prior Art Search

  • Novelty search related to pictor- diagnostic testing platform for a New Zealand based commercialization firm
  • Novelty search related to bubble chat for a leading law firm in Canada

Prosecution Support

  • Acceleration Examination Search related to multi tenant application device for a leading law firm in the USA and Canada

Patent Analytics

  • Landscape analysis related to web based clinical management for a patent firm New Zealand

Patent Valuation

  • Patent Valuation for an e-commerce platform for one of the leading law firms in New York

Out-Licensing Support

  • Out-licensing strategy related to the mobile transaction system for a leading IP brokerage firm in the United States

Technology Transfer Support

Technology assessment related to image processing for a public research institute in France

Case Studies

Accelerated examination search for a new method related to database management

US law firm engaged Aranca for an accelerated examination search for an interface module related to two group of tenant databases

Claim chart analysis related to online transaction system and device

A global patent brokerage firm engaged Aranca for claim chart analysis relating to online transaction system and device