Energy Sector Patent Research

Aranca's clients in the energy domain include equipment suppliers for conventional power, power solution providers, HV/LV products, manufacturers of alternate energy equipment, utilities, component suppliers, universities and law firms who leverage the extensive experience of our qualified team of electrical engineers with specialization in domains like power plants, electrical machines and control systems among other areas.

Aranca has executed nearly five hundred prior art searches and landscape studies in the energy sector across different technology segments like power plant equipment, energy transmission & distribution, alternate energy, AC/DC motors, utility meters, load balancing techniques, transformers, soot blower, combustion control, energy losses/optimization and remote monitoring solutions.


Aranca: Patent Research Experience in Energy Sector

Conventional Power Source
  • Coal Fired (combined cycle, CO2 capture…)
  • Gas Fired (efficiency, CO2 capture)
  • Hydro (small scale plants, variable speed generators, automatic control systems…)
Alternative Power Source
  • Concentrated Solar Power (storage system, hybrid plants, efficiency enhancement…)
  • Photovoltaic (silicon, non-silicon, efficiency…)
  • Wind Technology (blade material, blade design, protection system…)
  • Geothermal (heat pumps, drilling, supercritical fluids…)
  • Biomass Technology (production process, efficiency in small scale plants…)
  • Ocean Technology (turbine design, energy pumps…)
  • Smart Meters (monitoring, temper detection...)
  • Smart Grid Solutions (load distribution, control...)
  • Safety equipments (circuit breaker, insulator, surge arrester...)
  • Energy Management software (usage efficiency, optimization...)
  • Invalidation search related to bio-ethanol fuel for a Swedish automotive company
  • Patent drafting related to automated demand side energy management for residential & commercial users for equipment manufacturer company in Europe
  • Technology Landscape related to wind turbine blade design and controlling of wind turbine for a large Europe based wind turbine manufacturing company
  • Patent valuation related to fuel cell for a leading power solution provider
  • Licensing study related to a product for remote monitoring of utility meters for a US based company
  • Technology assessment related to solar thermal power plants for a leading urea licensor in the US.{/accordion}
Landscape analysis for benchmarking client’s portfolio in wind energy domain

A leading wind turbine manufacturer engaged Aranca to benchmark its patents with competitors in the wind energy domain

State-of-the-art search for separators used in batteries

A European manufacturer of chemicals and polymers engaged Aranca for state-of-the-art search related to separator for batteries

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