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In serving over 450 global clients across diverse industries, Aranca has executed over 7500 patent research projects across ten core industries and encompassing over 250 technology domains.


Automotive Patent Research ServicesAranca has executed several research assignments in the automobile sector for global OEMs, design firms, component manufacturers and law firms spanning various technologies relating to hybrid vehicles, electronic control systems, HVAC, safety, transmission systems, engines, exhaust systems and infotainment  [More]



Chemical Sector Patent Research ServicesAranca is among the few research providers with significant experience in niche areas such as chemical structure search, traditional knowledge search and analytical reports for REACH [More]



Electronics Sector Patent ResearchWith over 3.2 million patents filed in the last decade, the electronics sector continues to be in the forefront of innovation and Aranca is a valued intellectual property research partner to 35+ companies in this sector ranging from large semiconductor companies to start-ups, law firmsUniversities and design houses  [More]



Energy Sector Patent Research

Aranca's clients in the energy domain include equipment suppliers for conventional power, manufacturers of alternate energy equipment, utilities, component suppliers, universities and law firms who leverage the extensive experience of our qualified team for prior art searches and landscape studies across different technology segments [More]


Food Technologies

Food Industry Patent ResearchAranca has deep technical knowledge of this segment and has executed several assignments across technologies including emerging areas like nutraceuticals, dietary fibers, supplements and nutritional genomics [More]


IT & Computing

IT & Computing Industry Patent ResearchAranca's clients for patent research in the IT industry include some of the largest or fastest growing software & hardware companies world-wide, internet companies, start-ups, Private Equity firms evaluating investment ideas, Universities and individual inventors [More]


Life Sciences

Life Sciences Sector Patent ResearchAranca has executed several patent research assignments in the life sciences sector including in emerging areas like stem cell therapy, nuclear imaging and nano-biotechnology. We are one of the few research providers specialized in conducting sequence searches for both nucleic acid and protein macromolecules [More]


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Patent Research From start-ups to Fortune 50 companies, our 60+ clients in this segment include both design and manufacturing companies who leverage our technical knowledge in this field for novelty, invalidation, freedom-to-operate and landscape studies, as also performing design searches for different categories of products [More]


Pharmaceutical Sector Patent ResearchAranca's research experience in the pharmaceutical sector spans several segments like pharmacology, pharamaceutics, medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy (herbal drugs), biochemistry, bio-pharamaceutics and veterinary medicines [More]



Telecommunications Patent ResearchWe have executed several patent related research assignments in the telecom sector across multiple areas such as standards (2G/3G/4G), GSM/CDMA technology, signal processing, satellite communication, network security, NFC devices, mobile applications, broadcasting towers and data processing among others  [More]


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