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Capability Overview

Through Patent Analytics services such as landscape / white space analysis in a technology domain or patent portfolio analysis / benchmarking studies of competition or periodic monitoring of patent activity in an industry - Aranca supports R&D heads, patent managers and risk management teams in addressing several critical questions related to IP strategy such as:

  • Deciding the focus for R&D
  • Planning entry into new technology or a market segment
  • Identifying acquisition targets
  • Performing due diligence in merger & acquisition transactions
  • Monitoring and understanding competition, and
  • Optimizing patent management related costs

As part of the Patent Analytics solutions, Aranca has developed several proprietary frameworks to objectively rank, benchmark and determine strength of patents that provide our clients with actionable insights into a technology domain or specific competitor strategies. Our extensive experience in evaluating technology landscapes across industries and the ability to blend both technical and business aspects while evaluating questions relating to intellectual property are key factors that make us as valued partner to several global clients for services relating to patent analytics.

Assignment Examples


  • Technology landscape analysis for ‘fuel pumps’ for a leading automobile manufacturer headquartered in the US
  • Competitor analysis for a client active in exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) techniques

Chemical & Chemical Engineering

  • Landscape Analysis related to preparation of an anhydride by oxidation of an organic compound, by a global leader in chemicals in Germany
  • Patent portfolio benchmarking related to paints technology, for a leading global law firm in the US
  • Landscape Analysis related to nano cellulose for a global paper and pulp manufacturer
  • Patent Landscape for powder coating technology for a specialized intellectual property law firm in Europe


  • Landscape analysis related to Photocromic lenses for one of the world’s leading firms that provide ophthalmic lenses
  • Landscape analysis related to backlit illumination for one of the world's largest research institutes
  • Patent to Product Map related to power amplifier for a leading mobile platform supplier


  • Technology Landscape related to wind turbine blade design and controlling of wind turbine for a large Europe based wind turbine manufacturing company

Food Technologies

  • Landscape analysis related to digestability of food molecules for a food company in Denmark
  • Landscape analysis related to vascular biomarkers for an organization focused on interdisciplinary research in food and nutrition in Netherlands
  • Landscape study related to structuring of fat particles for a research organization in the US
  • Patent landscape for nutrient sensing for a leading FMCG firm in Europe

IT & Computing

  • Landscape analysis related to web based clinical management for a patent firm New Zealand

Life Sciences

  • Technology landscape related to a human gene for a marketing and technology leader in molecular diagnostics and sample management in the US
  • Landscape analysis related to bispecific antibodies for a global leader of in vitro diagnostics in the US
  • IP Landscape related to biomedical devices for a company based in the US
  • Landscape analysis in the domain of plant biomarkers for a leading plant biotechnology company in Europe

Mechanical Engineering

  • IP strategy analysis for a company active in hair removal technology using mechanical means for a European MNC
  • Technology landscape related to food processing equipment for a leading food processing equipment manufacturer in the US
  • Competitor analysis for a client active in exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) techniques


  • Technology Landscape study related to drug dispensing devices for a packaging company in Europe
  • Landscape Analysis for nicotine replacement products for a global leader in the development and manufacture of medical chewing gum in Denmark
  • Technology Landscape related to botulinum toxin for a global leading pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatological applications in Russia


  • Landscape analysis related to near field communication for a Finland based company with a diversified industry exposure
  • Landscape analysis related to user connected profiled message for a leading mobile solutions provider
  • Landscape analysis related to radio transceiver circuit linearization for a leading mobile platform supplier

Case Studies

White space analysis for IP strategy support in pharmaceuticals domain

A European biotech firm engaged Aranca to perform white space analysis for IP strategy support within the pharmaceutical domain

Technology Landscape analysis related to CMOS sensor fabrication using backlit illumination

A US based independent research institute engaged Aranca for technology landscape analysis related to CMOS sensor fabrication using backlit illumination

IP strategy analysis for a company active in hair removal technology using mechanical means

A European MNC engaged Aranca to analyze the IP strategy of one of its competitors in the hair removal technology domain

Claim chart analysis related to online transaction system and device

A global patent brokerage firm engaged Aranca for claim chart analysis relating to online transaction system and device