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Leveraging outlicensing to unlock value of patents...

In the last 15 years, licensing activity has registered consistent growth with royalty / licensing revenues of US firms increasing from $35 Bn in 1994 to $153 Bn in 2007 and value of cross-border licensing transactions (receipts) growing from $27 Bn in 1990 to $180 Bn in 2009 (annual growth rate of 9.9%).

Despite the above, licensing currently accounts for only 0.6% of US corporate revenues and most companies in high-income countries out-license less than 10% of their patents; thereby indicating that out-licensing still has significant potential for sustainable growth in the future.

Aranca Solution Framework for evaluating out-licensing opportunities...

Aranca provides research support to managers in Enterprises, Universities, R&D institutions and Technology Transfer firms who are looking at out-licensing as a strategic option to create sustainable value from their patents portfolio. We leverage our synergistic capabilities in patent research, business research and valuation services to provide a structured approach with decision points at every stage for evaluating out-licensing or technology commercialization opportunities:

With a track record encompassing several thousand business research assignments across 80 sectors, over 500 projects relating to valuation of intangibles and several thousand prior art searches across 250 technology domains - Aranca is a trusted research partner to several clients across innovation led industries, who value our ability to provide a quick, cost-effective and holistic solution for outlicensing or technology commercialization opportunity evaluation.

  • Commercialization study for patent application concerning HVAC systems for heavy-duty vehicles assigned to a leading automobile manufacturer headquartered in the US
  • Technology assessment report for pads used in disc brakes for a US university
  • Licensing study related to low-k dielectrics for a production solution for wafer processing across multiple markets
  • Technology assessment related to sensor-based high-mobility beam forming for a leading mobile platform supplier
  • Technology assessment related to image processing for a public research institute in France
  • Technology assessment related to polysaccharide containing nanoparticles for a firm in Europe
  • IP strength Analysis and Strategic planning study related to inositol derivative, for a leading pharmaceutical company in France
  • Technology assessment related to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease using novel chemical compound, for a leading IP firm in Singapore
  • Technology assessment for health drink composition containing flower extract for a leading IP firm in Singapore
  • Technology assessment related to biofuels for a research lab in UK
Evaluation of commercialization opportunities for brake pads with new material composition

A US university engaged Aranca to evaluate commercialization opportunities for brake pads with new material composition (for use in disc brakes)

Estimation of Royalty Rates for a patent related to window seal system

A US based automobile giant engaged Aranca to estimate the royalty rate for its patent related to window seals.

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