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Intellectual Property Research Services for Universities and R&D Institutions

Capability Overview

For institutions that generate and apply new research knowledge across industries - creating, managing and reaping benefits of intellectual property is an important part of their growth. Aranca has helped several universities, R&D institutions and tech transfer firms realize the potential of their inventions by answering key questions on:

  • Is the technology novel? How does it compare vis-a-vis currently available and emerging technologies?
  • Does the patent have a commercial value? What is best way to exploit the same: manufacturing in-house or out-licensing?
  • What is the cost/benefit analysis of each strategy?
  • Potential partners for out-licensing? Royalty rate calculations and revenue estimates?

By combining our strengths in business research and valuation with patent analytics - we offer a structured, phase wise approach to evaluating technology commercialization opportunities, as detailed below:


  • Novelty Search
  • Technology Landscape
  • Benchmarking with competing technologies
  • Applications
  • Regulatory environment
  • Market size
  • Growth potential
  • Competition
  • Strategic options
  • SWOT analysis
  • Potent partners for out-licensing
  • Royalty rate estimates

Over the last three years, Aranca has executed nearly 100 technology commercialization projects across industries, and our ability to provide a holistic solution with clearly defined go or no-go decisions at each stage is a key differentiating factor that makes us a trusted research partner for our clients, many of whom engage us for repeat assignments.    

Assignment Examples


  • Novelty search related to locking mechanism for glove-boxes for a leading automotive part manufacturer in Europe
  • State-of-Art search for design of weakening element used in the deployment of airbag for a leading automotive part manufacturer in Europe
  • Regular patent application drafting for an invention related to manufacturing of engine body for a European based engine manufacturer
  • Valuation of patent portfolio of a European automobile manufacturer active in hybrid vehicles
  • Royalty rate estimation for in-licensing a patent related to integrated panel of a vehicle for a leading automotive part manufacturer
  • Commercialization study for patent application concerning HVAC systems for heavy-duty vehicles assigned to a leading automobile manufacturer headquartered in the US


  • Novelty search related to rejuvenating agents derived from specific petroleum product for leading biorefiner in UK
  • Freedom to operate analysis related to the production of a specific organic acid for internationally renowned multi-disciplinary firm in Canada
  • FTO study related to catalyst structure for one of the largest chemical companies in Europe
  • Patent portfolio benchmarking related to paints technology, for a leading global law firm in the US
  • Licensing study related to organophosphate based herbicide for a US based company.
  • Technology assessment related to Solar cell contacts for a leading research lab in Europe


  • Novelty search related to a processor enabled motor for a leading power solutions provider in the US
  • Patent drafting related to programmable features of an appliance and web access control, for automobile company in Europe
  • Landscape analysis related to backlit illumination for one of the world's largest research institutes
  • Patent to Product Map related to power amplifier for a leading mobile platform supplier
  • Patent valuation related to radiation detector for a patent firm Sweden
  • Licensing study related to low-k dielectrics for a production solution for wafer processing across multiple markets
  • Technology assessment related to SIO2 etching for a leading research lab in Europe


  • Invalidation search related to bio-ethanol fuel for a Swedish automotive company
  • Patent drafting related to automated demand side energy management for residential & commercial users for equipment manufacturer company in Europe
  • Technology Landscape related to wind turbine blade design and controlling of wind turbine for a large Europe based wind turbine manufacturing company
  • Patent valuation related to fuel cell for a leading power solution provider
  • Licensing study related to a product for remote monitoring of utility meters for a US based company
  • Technology assessment related to solar thermal power plants for a leading urea licensor in the US.

Food Technologies

  • Novelty search related to enhanced saltiness in bread for a firm providing specialist advice in the field of intellectual property in Netherlands
  • State-of-the-art search related to weight management, for an organization focused on interdisciplinary research in food and nutrition in Netherlands
  • Landscape analysis related to digestability of food molecules for a food company in Denmark
  • Licensing study in the domain of emulsifiers for a food production company in the UK
  • Technology assessment for health drink composition containing flower extract for a leading IP firm in Singapore

IT & Computing

  • Novelty search related to pictor- diagnostic testing platform for a New Zealand based commercialization firm
  • Acceleration Examination Search related to multi tenant application device for a leading law firm in the USA and Canada
  • Landscape analysis related to web based clinical management for a patent firm New Zealand
  • Patent Valuation for an e-commerce platform for one of the leading law firms in New York
  • Out-licensing strategy related to the mobile transaction system for a leading IP brokerage firm in the United States
  • Technology assessment related to image processing  for a public research institute in France

Life Sciences

  • State-of-the-art search related to the use of a traditionally cultivated plant for a French company specializing in luxury goods
  • Landscape analysis in the domain of plant biomarkers for a leading plant biotechnology company in Europe
  • Technology assessment related to stimulation device for one of the largest universities in the USA
  • Patent valuation related to imaging technologies for blood analysis for a biotechnology company in the US


  • Novelty study and FTO analysis related to manufacturing of dental bridge superstructure by rapid prototyping technique for a leading organization associated with dental implants
  • Patent drafting related to automated demand side energy management for residential & commercial user for the largest energy equipment manufacturer company in Europe
  • IP strategy analysis for a company active in hair removal technology using mechanical means for a European MNC
  • Competitor analysis for a client active in exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) techniques
  • Licensing study related to accessory for material handling equipment for a leading earth moving equipment manufacturer in the US
  • End to End IP consulting for the technology related to hand held dust collector
  • Technology assessment report for pads used in disc brakes for a US university


  • Prior art search related to delayed release composition containing testosterone derivatives for a leading pharmaceutical firm in the US
  • State of art search for skin care composition for a leading FMCG company in France
  • Landscape analysis related to a human gene for a marketing and technology leader in molecular diagnostics and sample management in the US
  • IP strength Analysis and Strategic planning study related to inositol derivative for a leading pharmaceutical company in France
  • Technology assessment related to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease using novel chemical compound, for a leading IP firm in Singapore


  • FTO search related to RF tag in bag lock at airport terminal for a leading aircraft manufacturer in the US
  • Patent drafting related to power grid application for a leading mobile platform supplier
  • Landscape analysis related to near field communication for a Finland based company with a diversified industry exposure
  • Technology assessment related to sensor-based high-mobility beam forming for a leading mobile platform supplier

Case Studies


A European food research organization engaged Aranca for a state-of-art search related to compositions containing specific constituents specified by client for use in weight management


A US based independent research institute engaged Aranca for technology landscape analysis related to CMOS sensor fabrication using backlit illumination


A US university engaged Aranca to evaluate commercialization opportunities for brake pads with new material composition (for use in disc brakes)