Intellectual Property Research Services for Enterprises

In recent times, intellectual property (IP) has emerged as a strategic asset for enterprises with both top and bottom line implications, and managing the lifecycle of a patent is a complex process - requiring quick, thorough and insightful analysis to support key decisions pertaining to IP strategy.

From start-ups to Fortune 50 companies, Aranca has worked with over 300 enterprises across several industries - helping IP specialists, patent/licensing managers, attorneys and R&D teams to leverage their IP effectively, through a wide range of services spanning the entire patent lifecycle from conceptualization to commercialization.

IP Research Solution

Aranca: Patent Research Solutions for Enterprises

  • State-of-the-art Search
  • Technology Watch
  • Competitive Watch
  • Novelty / Patentability
  • Design around Search
  • Patent Drafting
  • Patent Filing
  • Foreign Filing Permit
  • Patent Proof Reading
  • Office Action Response
  • Landscape Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • FTO / Clearance Search
  • Infringement Analysis
  • Invalidity / Validity Search
  • Claims Chart
  • Evaluate out-licensing opportunities
  • Technology Assessment
  • Licensing Partner Analysis

Optimize spend on design
and R&D

Take necessary steps to protect your inventions

Proactively review own and competitors’ patent portfolio

Generate value from intellectual property

A highly qualified team comprising of technical personnel and para-legal experts, breadth and depth of experience encompassing hundreds of patent related projects across several technology domains, language capabilities to conduct searches in 70 jurisdictions and ability to support strategic initiatives around intellectual property are some of the factors that make us a valued partner for our clients.

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  • FTO search for design of engine cylinders for a Europe based engine manufacturer
  • Accelerated examination report preparation for the technology concerning HVAC used in automobiles for a leading law firm in US
  • Technology landscape analysis for ‘fuel pumps’ for a leading automobile manufacturer headquartered in US
  • Valuation of patent portfolio for a company active in hybrid vehicles for an European automobile manufacturer
  • Royalty rate estimation for in-licensing a patent related to integrated panel of a vehicle for a leading automotive part manufacturer
  • Technology assessment report for catalyst used in vehicle exhaust system for a leading chemical company based in Canada
  • Freedom to operate analysis related to the production of a specific organic acid for internationally renowned multi-disciplinary firm in Canada
  • Licensing study related to organophosphate based herbicide for a US based company
  • Landscape Analysis related to nano cellulose for a global paper and pulp manufacturer
  • Prior Art search related to the application of specific chemicals in skin products for a company based in the US
  • Novelty search related to nano fibers for a textile company based in Europe
  • Invalidity search related to semiconductor wafers for a Europe based largest semiconductor manufacturing company.
  • Office action response related to switched capacitor for battery equalization for a leading international patent and trademark consultancy based in Netherland.
  • Patent to Product map related to power amplifier for a leading mobile platform supplier
  • Patent valuation related to Radiation Detector for a patent firm in Sweden
  • Licensing study related to low-k dielectrics for a production solutions for wafer processing in different market
  • Technology assessment related to SIO2 etching for a leading research lab in Europe
  • Invalidation search related to bio-ethanol fuel for a Swedish automotive industry
  • Patent drafting related to automated demand side energy management for residential & commercial user for one of the largest energy equipment manufacturing companies in Europe
  • Technology Landscape related to wind turbine blade design and controlling of wind turbine for a Europe based largest wind turbine manufacturing company
  • Patent valuation related to fuel cell for a leading power solution provider
  • Licensing study related to a product for remote monitoring of utility meters for US based company
  • Technology assessment related to solar thermal power plants for a leading urea licensor in US
  • Novelty search related to enhanced saltiness in bread for a firm providing specialist advice in the field of intellectual property in Netherlands
  • Landscape analysis related to digestability of food molecules for a food company in Denmark
  • Patent landscape for nutrient sensing for a leading FMCG firm in Netherlands
  • Licensing study in the domain of emulsifiers for a food production company in the UK
  • Technology assessment for health drink composition containing flower extract for a leading IP firm in Singapore
  • Novelty search related to pictor- diagnostic testing platform for a New Zealand based commercialization firm
  • Novelty search related to Bubble chat for a leading law firm in Canada
  • Acceleration Examination Search related to multi tenant application device for a leading law firm in USA and Canada
  • Landscape analysis related to Web Based Clinical Management for a patent firm in New Zealand
  • Patent Valuation for an e-commerce platform for one of the leading law firm in New York
  • Outlicensing strategy related to the mobile transaction system for a leading IP brokerage firm in United States
  • Technology assessment related to the image processing  for a public research institute in France
  • Invalidity search related to detection and identification of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) of MREJ type xi’ for a marketing and technology leader in molecular diagnostics and sample management in the US
  • Freedom to operate search related to medical ventilators for a manufacturing giant in Switzerland
  • Landscape analysis in the domain of plant biomarkers for a leading plant biotechnology company in Europe
  • Technology assessment related to stimulation device for one of the largest universities in the USA
  • Patent valuation related to imaging technologies for blood analysis for a biotechnology company in the US
  • FTO related to welding machine control for a leading welding machines and allied products manufacturer
  • Patent drafting related to automated demand side energy management for residential & commercial user for the largest energy equipment manufacturer company in Europe
  • IP strategy analysis for a company active in hair removal technology using mechanical means for a European MNC
  • Licensing study related to accessory for material handling equipment for a leading earth moving equipment manufacturer in US
  • End to End IP consulting for the technology related to hand held dust collector
  • IP strength Analysis and Strategic planning study related to inositol derivative, for a leading pharmaceutical company in France
  • Technology assessment related to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease using novel chemical compound for a leading IP firm in Singapore
  • Freedom to operate search related to use of plant extract in treating inflammatory diseases, for a multinational pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland
  • Freedom to operate search related to lipophilic composition containing testosterone derivatives, for a leading Pharmaceutical firm in the US
  • Invalidation search related to fiber optic cables including multiple optical fibers and reinforced with a mutually abutting and helically extending metal wires for a leading Fiber Optic cable manufacturing company in Europe
  • Prior art search related to Coherent switching of gnss bands for a leading mobile technology company which mainly provides GPS receiver modules and chips, GPS software, 2G/3G/ 3.5G modem.
  • Patent drafting related to means to Handle Over-The-Air (OTA) modem baseband firmware updates for a leading mobile platform supplier
  • Landscape analysis related to near field communication for a Finland based company with a diversified industry exposure
  • Patent valuation related to patent for movement detection for a leading mobile platform supplier in US
  • Technology assessment related to sensor-based high-mobility beam forming for a leading mobile platform supplier
Invalidation search (sequence analysis) for a specific microbial ORF region

A Germany based molecular diagnostics firm was interested in an invalidation study related to a microbial ORF consensus region of four sequences

Landscape analysis for benchmarking client’s portfolio in wind energy domain

A leading wind turbine manufacturer engaged Aranca to benchmark its patents with competitors in the wind energy domain

Patentability search for use of a drug molecule in pet food

A global organization in animal health domain engaged Aranca to conduct a patentability search for use of drug molecule in pet food

Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) study for five different dental implants

A European company engaged Aranca to conduct a FTO study on five different dental implants that differed minutely in terms of specific features

Traditional knowledge search related to a plant extract from Combretaceae family

A global personal care products company was interested in traditional knowledge and ethno botanical data for a plant extract from Combretaceae family, specifically for topical application

White space analysis for IP strategy support in pharmaceuticals domain

A European biotech firm engaged Aranca to perform white space analysis for IP strategy support within the pharmaceutical domain

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