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Projects completed.



Automotive technologies covered by our consultants.



Clients including OEMs and Tier 1/2 suppliers.



Man hours of research experience.

Examples of Our Work in the Automotive Domain

Technology Intelligence

R&D Strategy Roadmaps

  • Future applications of E-pumps in different automotive components
  • Technology roadmap for automotive tire-pressure monitoring systems
  • Technology assessment of alternative materials for wheel rims

White Space Analysis

  • Identification of unmet needs pertaining to existing catalysts used in exhaust systems
  • White space analysis for steering knuckles used in automotive suspension systems
  • Problem-solution matrix for technologies pertaining to driver assistance systems

Technology Landscape | Innovation Focus

  • Research trend analysis related to seat recliners used in automotive seats
  • Landscape of technologies pertaining to shift-by-wire systems
  • Technology identification for direct oil gear box heating systems

Monetizing Existing Technical Know-how

  • Valuation of a portfolio related to design of tires used in high speed cars
  • Royalty rate estimation for licensing a patent on integrated panel of a vehicle
  • Potential partner identification for shape memory alloy used in different auto-parts

Technology Scouting and Acquisition

  • Scouting for weight reduction technologies for different auto-components
  • Solutions for problems with traditional foaming processes used for automotive interiors
  • Feasibility analysis of using low-metallic ceramic brake pads used in braking systems

Product Design for Emerging Technologies/Markets

  • Use of emerging automotive active safety systems in the existing products
  • Scouting for low-cost carbon-fiber production technologies used in different auto-parts
  • Technology assessment pertaining to automotive start-stop systems

IP Strategy

Prosecution Support

  • Novelty search for an alloy composition used in oscillating components of a car
  • Patentability study for a soft push latch used in glove boxes of an automotive
  • Patent drafting for technology pertaining to capless refueling systems

Prior Art Searches

  • Clearance search for a type of arrangement of cylinders within an in-line engine
  • State of art search for design of weakening element used in deployment of air bags
  • Invalidity search related to gear design for automatic transmission systems

Portfolio Analysis

  • Quality assessment of a portfolio on roller bearings used in power transmission
  • Identification of key patents for licensing from a portfolio related to shift-by-wire systems
  • Patent portfolio analysis of companies dealing with a specific type of automotive glass

Technology/ Patent Landscape

  • Patent landscape to identify various gesture recognition technologies in the automotives
  • Competitive landscape for sliding bearings used in automotive engines
  • Benchmarking of patent portfolio related to connecting rods

Licensing Program Support

  • Partner identification for technology related to semi-automatic chassis stabilizer systems
  • Royalty rate estimation for in-licensing a patent related to integrated panel of a vehicle
  • Out licensing support for portfolio related to the HVAC systems delinked from the engine

M&A Support

  • Valuation of patent portfolio related to automotive HVAC systems for M&A purpose
  • Due-diligence of IP portfolio related to drive systems for purpose of M&A
  • Potential partner identification for a shape memory alloy used in different auto-parts

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