Professional Development Programs | Careers

professional-development-programsAranca is committed to active and continuous development programs that are relevant to our employees’ own professional growth and serve the company's goals. We have designed robust professional development programs to foster the growth of our employees and to keep pace with the emerging needs of our clients. In addition, we encourage skill and knowledge upgradation programs, professional certification and advanced studies while on job. This stems from a staunch belief that an employee’s professional growth directly contributes to organizational growth.

Professional Certifications

We encourage our employees to seek professional certifications as appropriate, such as the prestigious ASA, CFA and CPVA certifications for enhancing their skills and knowledge. In keeping with this philosophy, we offer full or partial reimbursement programs for fees and expenses incurred towards the certification process.

In-house Training Programs

The goal of our internal training programs is to equip employees so they can help our clients maintain a competitive advantage. Our employees undergo intense and mandatory training through the year to keep themselves sharp and abreast of the latest market developments.

Besides providing function specific trainings such as advanced financial modeling, structured thinking, storyboarding, business writing for global audiences, analysis and so on, we also focus on soft skills development that span from leadership training to training on client communications, project management, negotiations among others.

Cross-Functional Training

At Aranca, we encourage cross-functional experience to support the career development of our employees and offer a choice of lateral as well as vertical growth. This allows our employees to work with diverse groups of people with top-notch professional and educational antecedents. Migrating between our four business practices gives our employees a better understanding of the interdependence of different parts of the organization and inspires ongoing improvements in project quality.

Unique 'Learn and Apply' Model

Our on-job training gives analysts the opportunity to learn, innovate and apply their insights to add significant value to client deliverables and enhance their own professional skill sets.

Analysts are assigned to actual client projects once their initial induction and basic training is completed so that they can learn on the job and pick up key skills that will help them contribute to projects. Our strong Professional Development Programs ensure that development continues even as an employee grows and establishes new career paths within the organization.

Through rotation on projects, analysts have the opportunity to build deep industry and domain expertise. This 'Learn and Apply' model ensures that every employee is up to date with the latest industry trends, which results in insightful and cutting-edge research and analysis.

Training at Aranca is also geared towards practical application so that our analysts can develop skills needed for deliverables that meet specific client style requirements. All client deliverables prepared by analysts go through a robust screening process and are checked for quality and relevance of content as well as language, by senior analysts and project managers. Feedback on improvements are shared with analysts to aid our model of development by applying. For support functions like the Editorial Team, work is constantly reviewed by senior editors and managers who are content experts drawn from publishing and research backgrounds. Stringent quality control norms mean that all work is constantly reviewed and feedback shared to help employees identify areas of improvement and strengths.