Mentoring Programs | Careers

Aranca’s mentoring program is a management-backed activity and helps us develop a well-structured career path for our employees. We take an active interest in our employees' growth by nurturing them, inspiring them to excel in fields and motivating them to learn on an ongoing basis. The Mentoring program is combined with our Professional Development Programs and training to facilitate a culture of learning. It is also a valuable method for preparing employees to adapt to key roles for our organization’s progress.

How Does Mentoring Work at Aranca?

mentoringOur mentoring program is aimed at creating multifarious skills including problem-solving, project management, and leadership skills. Mentors extend their support by giving you advice when you request it and help identify areas for improvement to further your personal development.

Mentorship programs enable existing as well as new employees to learn from their more experienced mentors, including how to create deliverables and presentations to accommodate client style needs or company benchmarks. It also helps lateral hires integrate into Aranca’s work culture. This system ensures standardization in terms of deliverables and also gives clients a consistent experience. It also helps speed up the process of redeploying existing employees into new lines of work should the need arise.

Our mentors provide open, honest, structured conversations that are less formal in nature. The mentors provide daily informal on-the-job training, project feedback and periodic reviews that helps employees keep up with deliverables and positively affects on-the-job performance of our employees.

Our mentorship programs also offer mentors a chance to explore their potential as leaders and helps them obtain a fresh perspective of a subject which can be integrated back into the work and the knowledge base of the company. This helps them to enhance experience in their areas of expertise, thus strengthening their role as subject matter experts.