Fun @ Work

At Aranca, we believe in a culture of fun beyond work and a healthy work-life balance. We invest a lot of thought and resources into our Fun at Work program that creates an environment of informality, enthusiasm and action.

fun-at-workOur Fun at Work program is an ongoing initiative that keeps employees engaged and involved all year round. We believe in offering a platform for employees to nurture and showcase their interests – whether it is representing the company at a bowling event, participating in social outreach initiatives or writing an article for our in-house newsletters.

Most of our activities are driven by volunteers from within the organization who are passionate about the activity they're championing. Our four interest groups contribute to the many activities in support of sports, movies, books and music. While the bibliophiles interest group have an in-house library with a range of fiction and non-fiction available for employees to use, our Reeloholics interest group brings together movie enthusiasts and people with an interest in film making. We regularly participate in numerous inter-corporate sport events and our teams have brought us laurels time and again.