Active Performance Management | Careers

Managing employee performance is one of the key organizational goals at Aranca. Our emphasis on high-performance individuals and teams stems from our core focus: deliver world-class quality research solutions to our clients.

active-performance-managementPerformance Management at Aranca is a systematic process that aligns our employees’ job performance with the organization’s goals. We have a highly systematic, fair and employee development-oriented Performance Management System built around Key Result Area (KRAs) that are customized to assess and improve the performance of the employees. These KRAs are jointly designed by the employees themselves in consultation with their reporting managers.

Every reporting manager has a stake in helping their team members to higher goals of performance in terms of productivity, quality, personal growth and a balance between individual and organizational goals.

Our performance management system comprises three formal review cycles - an annual review, a mid-term review and monthly project evaluations, in addition to ad-hoc or project based feedback.

The annual review is a structured competency appraisal system, where the performance of each employee is objectively rated based on which the employees are rewarded with appropriate incentives, increments and promotions. As a part of the exercise, each reviewer along with the employee also draws up a developmental action plan for the next year.

Our mid-term review is run through a process of open dialogue between the employees and their reporting managers. It provides scope for every employee to check on his/her KRAs for the year, identify his/her areas of improvement and access support measures for enhancing the performance.

The monthly review involves one-to-one interaction between the employee and his/her manager. It focuses on direct evaluation of the projects that employees are working on and identifies training and development needs for employees.

Our structured performance management is a key reason for low-attrition. Over 50% of our team has been with Aranca for more than five years.

In addition, our active mentoring programs help both new and old employees to stay focused on their KRAs and fulfill their professional objectives.