Recruitment Process | Careers

Aranca works with global clients such as Fortune 500 corporations, global financial institutions, investment banks, hedge funds, PE/VE firms, consulting firms, law firms, startups and innovation-led companies from more than 80 sectors across the world. Therefore, we seek qualified people who believe that their work measures up to international standards. Potential employees are encouraged to apply through our 'Join Aranca' program.

recruitment-processFor entry-level positions across functions such as analysts, editors and data support, potential candidates will have to take respective tests designed to ascertain the capabilities, skills and qualities of potential employees.

These tests assess technical competence, reasoning and aptitude, knowledge and awareness, language and communication skills and other soft skills required to succeed in a world-class company. Candidates who clear the tests successfully undergo personal interviews. Offers are made to candidates who successfully clear both test and interview/s.

Middle-level recruits may be required to take a test. They typically have two to three rounds of detailed interviews with project managers, senior delivery managers and the HR managers. Upon successful recommendation, they may be offered a position in Aranca.

For senior-level positions, two to three rounds of interviews with very senior management and the company’s Directors are conducted before boarding a candidate.

How do I apply?

We accept job applications through the Aranca Careers site. To apply for a role you are interested in, you need to fill the Apply Online form. You will then be asked to fill out your professional qualifications and educational background and upload your resume/CV. If you are shortlisted, our HR team will contact you by email or at the phone number provided by you in your application form.

If your profile, skill-set and experience levels do not match the requirements any of the positions listed, then we will revert at the earliest if we find a suitable opportunity for you at Aranca.

You are welcome to enquire about the status of your application and other careers at Aranca with our HR team on +91-22-3937 9999.