Competitive Benefits | Careers

At Aranca, we seek the best talent to work on our client projects. Naturally, we offer attractive compensation and benefits to not only attract and retain the best talent, but also motivate and reward them for their contributions.

competitive-benefitsIn addition to monetary compensation, employee recognition is an important part of Aranca’s culture. High performers are publicly recognized, applauded and rewarded for their contributions and outstanding performance. The most outstanding employees are marked for future leadership roles and enjoy an accelerated growth path. Many of them get higher responsibility, more challenging client work and significant tasks that are crucial to the company, very early in their career.

Besides attractive compensation and incentives, Aranca actively promotes good health and wellness of the employees through a private employee mediclaim program for the employee and his/her immediate family members. We also offer tax planning support to all employees and flexible pay structuring for employees above certain grades.