Pharma & Medical Devices Business Research Solutions

With a track record encompassing research assignments across ten therapeutic areas, animal health products, equipment / devices and consumables; Aranca is a valued partner to several global pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We support decision makers in sales, marketing and strategy with actionable market intelligence to address business questions relating to new products & markets, competitor activities, regulatory environment, innovation trends, product pipelines and supply chain efficiencies.

Pharma and Medical Devices Sector Research

Aranca: Research Solutions for Pharma and Medical Devices Companies

  • Regulatory environment
  • Market entry studies
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Patient Volumes
  • Prescription Rates, Criteria
  • Test marketing, Brand Tracking
  • Competitor profiles
  • Product-level benchmarking
  • Regular competitor updates
  • Portfolio strategy / pipeline
  • Market analysis
  • Class review / Assessment
  • Epidemiology forecast
  • Disease trend / burden
  • Treatment cost, reimbursements
  • Drug / Therapy reports
  • Company reports
  • Partner selection

Access to panel of healthcare professionals for conducting quick turnaround or dipstick surveys...

To help companies gather a quick pulse of the market, Aranca has invested in building a high quality global partner network of firms that specialize in maintaining the most reliable, extensive and up to date panel of physicians and health care professionals across 20 countries, including emerging markets.

Through this network, we have successfully helped some of the largest players across the value chain to quickly and cost-effectively test market products, track prescription rates / criteria, evaluate treatment strategies, brand awareness and other qualitative parameters.

Over the last three years, Aranca has executed more than 100 assignments for large and small companies, Private Equity and consulting firms in the pharma / medical devices sector. Illustrative examples of recent research work that we have completed include:

  • Global market study on Propofol
  • Competitor portfolio analysis to understand therapeutic area priorities
  • Market opportunity assessment study for Glaucoma Drainage Devices in Europe
  • Business plan development for a clinical research outsourcing firm in India
  • Partner identification support for biotech & generic pharmaceuticals manufacturers in EMEA region
  • Global landscape analysis of product patents filings for Clopidogrel preparations
  • Market opportunity assessment for nasal drops in India and China
  • Analyzing the regulatory framework for OTC products across CEE and 'Next 11' countries
  • Country epidemiology and disease burden report for emerging economies
  • Comprehensive research report on Indian OTC Pharma sector
  • Market report on dietary feedstock supplements for pig farming in China
  • Research report on the medical device industry within France & Germany
  • Global M&A activity assessment across the animal health sector
  • Global report on private equity & venture capital investments in medical equipment industry
  • Market research report on the ophthalmic devices market within OECD countries
  • Research report on medical & dental instrument manufacturing in the UK
  • Comparison of key growth drivers for Pharma companies in eight emerging markets
  • Price elasticity study on branded antiplatelet agents versus generics in Iran covering patients, physicians and pharmacies
  • Test market survey within the US to determine the consumer perception of a wearable brace that employs active laser treatment for muscle & tendon injuries
  • Dip stick survey across large pharmacies in India to determine the most popular brand of Paracetamol
  • Qualitative survey of dermatologists across the UK to determine the brands of benzoyl peroxide that are prescribed most often
European market opportunity assessment for Glaucoma Drainage Devices (GDD)

A medical devices company commissioned Aranca to study the market for GDDs in key European countries, as an input to developing their international growth strategy

Global market study on Propofol

Consulting firm advising one of its pharma clients in Europe, engaged Aranca to conduct a global market study on Propofol - a general anesthetic drug

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Pharma and Medical Devices Research Clients
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