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Aranca has executed several research projects in the packaging sector for a variety of consumer, commercial and industrial applications. Our research experience spans across both rigid materials like metal, glass, paperboard, plastic and flexible materials like films, laminates, lamitubes, foils; and we have studied the market and competition dynamics in over 20 developed countries and emerging economies.

With a track record encompassing more than 100 research assignments, we are a valued partner for decision makers in global packaging companies and raw material suppliers to this industry, who are looking for accurate and insightful answers to business questions around market attractiveness assessments in emerging economies, growth dynamics in end-user industries, threats from substitute packaging materials, innovation and sustainability in packaging materials, competition activities, identifying acquisition opportunities or JV partners and tracking key customers or identifying new customers.

Packaging Sector Research

Aranca: Research Experience in Packaging Sector

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Rigid Paper
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Foils
  • Plastic Films
  • Laminates
  • Lamitubes
  • FOOD : Seafood, Meat, Dairy, Fruits, Vegetables, processed food, fresh food...
  • BEVERAGES : Alcoholic drinks, soft-drinks, hot drinks, milk, juices...
  • PERSONAL : Hair products, cosmetics, shaving creams, toothpaste, deodorants...
  • HOUSEHOLD : Insecticides, garden products, detergents, room fresheners...
  • PHARMA : Tubes, glass bottles, dispensers, aerosols, pouches, strip packs...
  • OTHERS : Extrusion laminates, coated papers, tapes, EPS, corrugated boards...

Aranca’s research experience in the packaging sector spans several packaging materials, almost all the important applications and market dynamics in over 20 countries. Illustrative examples of our research assignments in this sector include:

  • Global market study on packaged seafood to understand expansion potential for aluminum metal cans
  • Market study on extrusion coated paper, release liners and laminates in Eastern Europe
  • Market study on paint packaging in India, China & Russia
  • Market study on lamitubes usage in South America
  • Market potential for specialty films for frozen food packaging applications in USA
  • Global market study on aerosol cans
  • Industry sector analysis on the Indian flexible packaging market
  • Market Study on 2 cc & 3 cc pumps and dispensers in India and MENA region
  • Market study on corrugated boxes in India, China and Brazil
  • Research report on metal packaging sector in Iberia and Benelux
  • Profiling and short-listing suitable candidates for acquisition in the flexible packaging sector with a specific focus on specialty films in India
  • Global study on packaging materials used for toothpaste and shaving creams
  • Market study on aluminium usage for packaging in pharmaceutical sector, covering seven emerging economies
  • Research report on flexible packaging industry in Eastern Europe
  • Market study on cosmetics and toiletries packaging in Germany, France, UK and Italy for organic and high value products
  • Market potential for sustainable (green) packaging in US and Japan
  • Packaging industry trends in Europe – substitution of metal packaging by plastics
  • Feasibility study for a printing ink factory manufacturing for packaging in Middle East
  • Market opportunity analysis for metal cans in the Indian packaged food industry
  • Exports and product price benchmarking analysis for metal screw caps, aluminum slugs, crown cap blanks & easy open ends in Far East Asia
Global market study on airless dispensers in the healthcare and personal care segments

A USA based packaging company, evaluating new products and markets, engaged Aranca to study the global market for airless dispensers in the personal care and healthcare segments

Market study on metal cans in South America

A global packaging company, evaluating expansion into emerging economies, engaged Aranca to study the South American market for metal cans across countries and end-user industries

Market study on release liners and extrusion coatings in Russia

A global packaging company, evaluating growth opportunities in Eastern Europe, engaged Aranca to study the Russian market for release liner and extrusion coating

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