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Leveraging the internet for commerce, communication or operational efficiencies continues to be high on the agenda for several enterprises globally. Aranca has executed more than 150 assignments within the internet space for over 50 clients including pure-play internet companies, telecom companies, ISPs, technology providers, venture capital firms and traditional enterprises.

Aranca’s research experience spans the entire ecosystem - internet access, infrastructure, e-commerce, online payments, advertising, internet software & applications, B2B / B2C portals, digital content, social media and social buying. Our knowledge of this sector and ability to quickly synthesize data in a complex and dynamic business segment makes us a valued partner for clients seeking answers to questions around market dynamics, business models, benchmarking / best practices, technology and innovation trends, company due diligence and competitive intelligence.

Internet Sector Research

Aranca: Research Experience within Internet Ecosystem (Indicative List)

  • xDSL
  • Mobile Internet
  • FTTx
  • Hosting
  • Domain Name Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Services
  • Online Retail / M-commerce
  • Online Payments
  • Social Buying
  • Advertising / Ad-networks
Digital Content
  • News, Music, Videos
  • Gaming
  • Social Media
  • Access Devices
Software & Applications
  • Portals, Shopping Carts
  • Security software
  • Web Acceleration
  • Web Analytics
B2B Services
  • Portals & Intranets
  • CRM solutions
  • VOIP solutions
  • Hosted applications

Aranca has executed several research assignments across different segments of the internet ecosystem in both developed markets and emerging economies. Illustrative examples of recent work that we have completed include:

  • Impact of internet on traditional video games and consoles retailing
  • Research study on Indian real estate classifieds sector (on-line and off-line)
  • Market study - online payments in Western Europe
  • Competition analysis and product feature benchmarking - online payment providers in UK
  • Research study on e-commerce evolution and growth outlook in BRIC and CIVETS
  • Research study: how are global automobile companies leveraging social media?
  • Global study on VOIP: regulations, market size and growth, competition analysis
  • Social or Group Buying: Market analysis and business models of key players
  • Price comparison analysis: Dedicated server hosting plans in US and UK
  • Research study on internet and mobile advertising in US, UK, Japan, Germany and France
  • B2B marketplace and portals: company listing/profiling, success stories and business models
  • Research study: Online content coverage of 25 global companies relating to sustainability
  • Product benchmarking study: Hosted e-commerce solutions
  • Research study on broadband access technologies and penetration in EU 27 countries
Research study on Indian real estate classifieds sector (on-line and off-line)

A European company, evaluating an acquisition opportunity in the Indian real estate classifieds segment

Social Buying - Market analysis and business models of key players

An internet company engaged Aranca to conduct a detailed study on the social buying segment, with specific emphasis on business models and ‘go-to-market’ strategies of key players

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