Education Sector Research & Analysis

Aranca has executed several assignments in the Education sector across developed and emerging markets, spanning research needs relating to understanding student demographics, assessing market opportunities, identifying the latest trends in education delivery and understanding global standards or best practices.

Previously considered a matter of national policy, the education sector within the last decade has undergone a paradigm shift owing to increasing globalization and internet usage. Specialized ‘for-profit’ private organizations are now witnessing a more prominent role within the sector while governments and public institutions, despite shrinking budgets, are striving to make education more effective and responsive to growing demand. By providing accurate and timely market insights, Aranca helps several of the largest for-profit and nonprofit universities, public and private institutions to assess opportunities and define suitable strategies.

Education Sector Research

Aranca: Research Experience in Education Sector

  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Post Secondary Education
  • K-12
  • Tertiary Education
  • Professional Education
  • Technical Education
  • Vocational Training
  • Specialist Training
  • Language Training
  • Test Preparation
  • Corporate Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Government policies and assistance
  • Student remittance & assistance programs
  • Competition insights
  • Country reports
  • Student demographics
  • Emerging markets trends & opportunities
  • Localization strategy
  • Content delivery trends
  • Technology & innovation trends
  • Market entry support
  • Partner identification support

As a trusted knowledge partner to several education & corporate training firms, Aranca has assisted in providing accurate answers to a range of critical business issues. Illustrative examples of recent work that we have conducted include:

  • Opportunity Assessment in the local ‘Test Prep’ Markets within India
  • Market study on the Tertiary Education Sector in the European Union
  • Market study of the Accounting & Finance Education market in France & Germany
  • Analysis of opportunities in the Indian tertiary education market
  • Global study on emerging trends in the digital English market
  • Market study of the tertiary education sector in GCC & Turkey
  • Market for English language training in the United States
  • Global market study on the Educational gaming market
  • Market study for English language training in UK, Australia, NZ, South Africa, Canada
  • Market overview of the Non English language training market (Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish etc) within Europe
  • Overview of the global test administration market
  • Competitive Landscape of the US Pathway programs
  • Trend analysis of International student in the United States
  • Global analysis of Private Equity & Venture Capital Investments in the Education Sector
  • Market Feasibility Study to set up a Healthcare Training Academy in Bahrain.
  • Market Study on the Indian e-learning sector
  • Investment attractiveness of education sector in GCC region
Market study and opportunity assessment for a new entrant in the local ‘Test Prep’ segment

A global for-profit education provider was interested in a market attractiveness assessment of the international test prep market for local tests across countries and commissioned Aranca conduct a detailed market study for the above

Market report on Tertiary Education in Europe

A US based higher education provider commissioned Aranca to study the tertiary education market in EU 27 countries as an input to their strategic planning process

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