Alternate Energy & Fuels Business Research

With ever-mounting global concerns of escalating conventional energy costs coupled with government regulations on carbon emissions, organizations increasingly are looking at alternate energy sources and fuels.

Aranca provides insightful market, technology and competitor intelligence for companies, private investors and research institutions in the alternate energy segment that help decision makers define strategies to mine several opportunities in this sunrise industry globally. Our research experience spans the entire ecosystem from wind or solar energy potential in different markets to assessing opportunities in segments like geothermal energy, nuclear power and hydrogen cells.

Alternate Energy Sector Research

Aranca: Research Experience in Alternate Energy and Fuels Sector

  • Distributed systems
  • On grid systems
  • Photovoltaic
  • Thermal
  • Biodiesel & ethanol
  • Bio gas
  • Geothermal
  • Mini hydro
  • Nuclear
  • Wave and Tidal power
  • Hydrogen cells
  • Battery and Storage systems
  • Turbines, parts, components
  • Country reports
  • Government policies & incentives
  • Market attractiveness assessments
  • Market for equipment / components
  • Competition insights
  • Technology & innovation trends
  • Identifying acquisition opportunities
  • Techno-economic feasibility reports
  • CxO surveys
  • Newsletters: Industry / competition

Aranca has executed nearly hundred assignments in the Alternate Energy and Fuels sector. Illustrative examples of research assignments that we have conducted for global clients include:

  • Global wind turbines in the 50-150 KW range, covering 30+ countries
  • Market Overview - 'Jatropha' as a feedstock for bio-diesel
  • Market report on fuel cell technologies - developments, tech landscape and company profiles
  • Fact base on government policies & targets with respect to alternate energy in 30+ countries
  • Global market opportunity assessment for micro and mini hydro turbines
  • Market opportunity assessment for solar power in Middle East & African markets
  • Financial feasibility & business plan for a solar thermal power plant in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Business plan for solar photovoltaic component manufacturer in KSA
  • Market study on bio-fuels (current status, future outlook) in BRIC and CIVETS
  • Overview report on global carbon credits market
  • Identification of Solar power component suppliers and system integrators in India and China
  • M&A activity and transaction multiples in global alternate energy sector over 2005-10
  • Global market study on inverters & battery systems used in alternative energy
  • Global market study on castings used in wind turbines
  • Identification of global knowledge partners for setting up a solar training institute in Saudi Arabia
  • Market report on geothermal energy - developments, tech landscape and company profiles
  • Brief report on tidal energy - technology, recent developments and potential
  • Identification of partners from India and China for setting up a Solar power EPC business in Middle East
Global market study on wind turbines in the 50-150 KW range

A European energy research company had developed a new design for wind turbines in the 50-150 KW range and engaged Aranca to assess the global market potential

Market Overview - 'Jatropha' as a feedstock for bio-diesel

Global PE firm, focused on investments in alternate energy and fuels sector was interested in understanding the market potential for Jatropha as a feedstock for bio-diesel

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Alternate Energy Research Clients
"The scoring model and the market estimation that you did for this niche market is remarkable. We liked the output very much."
- Associate Vice President,
A US-based Energy Sector start-up