Aerospace & Defense Business Research

Aranca understands the importance of insightful market and competitor intelligence for Aerospace & Defense companies as they define strategies to counter several challenges being faced by the industry currently:

  • Declining military budgets and shrinking commercial aircraft purchases in developed economies; significant growth opportunities in emerging markets like India and China
  • Manufacturing and sourcing moving to new low cost locations, driven either by offset requirements or cost economics
  • Speed to market or capability enhancement - identifying suitable acquisition opportunities
  • Innovation across the value chain: new revenue opportunities, reduce costs, improve efficiencies

From market attractiveness assessments to periodic tracking of industry trends or evaluating sourcing opportunities in low cost countries - Aranca has executed several assignments in every major segment of the Aerospace & Defense sector, encompassing a broad range of research needs of strategy, market intelligence and supply chain teams.

Aerospace and Defence Sector Research

Aranca: Research Experience in Aerospace & Defense Sector

    • Aircraft
    • Parts & Materials
    • MRO
  • Government budgets
  • Offset Policies & Opportunities
  • Equipment and components
  • Full Service, Low cost carriers
  • Passenger & Cargo operations
  • Airports & related infrastructure
    • Government policies
    • Country reports
    • Market attractiveness assessments
    • Growth forecasts
  • Competition insights
  • Supply chain intelligence
  • RFI - identifying new suppliers
  • Technology & innovation trends
  • R&D / Engineering outsourcing
  • Identifying acquisition opportunities
  • CxO surveys
  • Newsletters: Industry / competition

As a trusted knowledge partner to several global Aerospace & Defense companies, consulting and Private Equity firms, Aranca has helped find answers to a range of business issues. Illustrative examples of recent work that we have conducted include:

  • Factbase on Aerospace & Defense offset policies and market opportunities in 16 countries
  • Research study on 'Services business' of leading aerospace companies
  • Aerospace MRO : Market & competition dynamics in Asia-Pacific region
  • Global Market Overview: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) & Systems
  • Market opportunity assessment for business jets in Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific
  • Market opportunity for batteries in aerospace applications (USA & Western Europe)
  • Market opportunity assessment for aircraft maintenance training in Middle East & North Africa
  • Report on low cost country sourcing initiatives of leading aerospace & defense companies
  • Profiles of mid-sized companies in the Aerospace & Defense sector (MRO, Parts, Services)
  • Defense spend (actual, forecasts) in emerging economies
  • Financial performance analysis of 25 Aerospace & Defense companies globally (quarterly reports)
  • Report on Aerospace & Defense sector in 32 countries (across Asia, LATAM and Europe)
  • Report on fleet size / mix and orders placed by low cost carriers globally
  • Supply contracts awarded by global A&D companies (Fortnightly newsletter)
Factbase on offset policies and market opportunities in 16 countries

Strategy team of a leading European A&D company, interested in understanding offset related opportunities in emerging economies

Report on 'Services Business' of leading A&D companies

Global aerospace company engaged Aranca to profile and analyze 'services' revenues of leading A&D companies

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