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The importance of ‘Knowledge HelpDesks' in global enterprises...

br-re-helpdeskInternal presentations, client or supplier meetings, new ideas, tactical planning, tracking markets, competitor moves, innovation or technology trends... as a senior executive, how do you address urgent needs for data or insights to support day-to-day business actions and decisions?

Limited access to subscription databases, stretched CI/MI teams or lack of time to ‘do-it-yourself’ are common challenges faced by managers.

Outsourcing the Knowledge HelpDesk function is one viable option to make more informed decisions, and accelerate business performance.

Research HelpDesk: Aranca’s Virtual Analyst Solution

Aranca’s Research HelpDesk solution provides on-demand capacity to help busy executives find quick answers to a wide range of simple or complex questions concerning the business ecosystem in which they operate. With client from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, PE/VC and law firms - we address more than 300 rapid research enquiries spanning across functional areas, industries and geographies in a week, with a median turnaround time of 16 hours (from initial contact to delivery).

Aranca Research HelpDesk: Solution Framework

Managers across functional areas – from teams in strategy, manufacturing, sales, R&D or human resources - use Aranca’s Research HelpDesk solution to seek quick answers to a range of questions that can aid their day-to-day business actions or decisions. Key features of our solution framework include:

  • Flexible engagement models

    Depending on their needs, organizations can choose between a dedicated team of analysts or pay-as-you-go model (invoicing based on actual hours used in a month, subject to nominal minimum commitment) for implementing the Research Helpdesk solution

  • Customized and secure online collaboration platform for your firm

    To ensure efficient request management, order tracking and delivery - Aranca’s Research HelpDesk solution is delivered through a customized cloud based collaboration platform as the key backbone. From user profiles to monthly budgetary limits, we provide our clients with flexibility and control to define a robust platform in line with their internal requirements

  • Well defined systems and processes for engagement set-up, request management and research delivery

    Leveraging on our experience and learning in providing the Research Helpdesk solution to several global clients, we have defined detailed systems and procedures for every aspect of the solution - from roles & responsibilities, to user training on portal navigation, to request confirmation, to customer feedback and continuous improvement

From market stats / facts to complex dashboards or abstract questions, Aranca's business analysts address a varied mix of both straightforward and complex research questions posed by decision makers.

Globally, are there any success stories around Web TV initiatives? CEO's office of cable company in USA(8 hours)
Rules & regulations governing set-up of wholly owned subsidiary in India CFO of large European packaging company(40 hours)
Product brief on 'MyGallons' (prepaid gas purchases) Retail head of European bank(16 hours)
Presentation on 'Pico cells' and future outlook Network head of large telecom company(20 hours)
Quick dive on 'offset' policy and market opportunity in BRIC Strategy Team, Aerospace/Defense company(32 hours)
Case studies of companies having implemented 'Paid Time-off' leave policy HR head of Fortune 1000 company(12 hours)
Valuation metrics of companies in movie rental segment M&A team of telecom company(4 hours)
Profiles of ten suppliers of bearings from India and China Purchase team, engineering firm in UK(24 hours)
Call prep sheet on five key accounts highlighting strategic initiative and risks Sales manager of insurance brokerage firm(40 hours)
Which firms are the largest exporters from India and China to USA? Business development team, logistics firm(40 hours)
Database of food-service market size and other parameters in 32 countries Strategy team of food-services company(25 hours)
Product benchmarking of sales force automation software Sales head of pharma company(20 hours)
What is the cost structure and profitability of credit card issuers in USA? CFO of large UK based bank(12 hours)
Analyst views on key industry players IR team of Fortune 50 company(3 hours)
Profiles of manufacturing facilities of competitors in South America Manufacturing head, white goods company(16 hours)
Patent landscape overview of key competitors R&D head of semi-conductor company(32 hours)
Cloud Computing M&A landscape

Leading US Law Firm

Retail Banking: Targeting ‘young’ clients and enhancing customer experience

Leading European Bank

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