Business Research Solutions for PE & VC Firms

Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE and VC) firms leverage Aranca's extensive research experience across 80 sub-sectors and 50 countries for their strategic planning and market intelligence requirements. From identifying investment targets to assessing revenue potential for new concepts to validating investment themes or business plans to novelty analysis of patents or technologies - Aranca has executed several hundred assignments for over 50 PE and VC firms across the globe.

Aranca's portfolio of research solutions for PE and VC firms include:

Target Identification and Company Profiling

Research support to identify and short-list target companies based on specific domains of interest and criteria specified by Client. Where required, initiate discussions with senior management of target company to understand their interest levels for private financing

Market studies to support deal evaluation

Analysis of market and competition dynamics in domain / geography as relevant to deal, estimating revenue potential for new products / services or new business concepts, business due diligence covering market dynamics, financial projections and risks

Novelty analysis covering patents and technologies

Through patent searches and analysis of technology trends, we help PE and VC firms evaluate the 'novelty' and 'revenue opportunity' for specific products as relevant for investment proposals being considered or for current portfolio companies

Research support for portfolio companies

Ongoing market and competitor intelligence to support day-to-day business actions / decisions, bespoke market studies to support strategic planning or other growth initiatives

Quick business feasibility analysis for investment proposals

Research support for managers in PE/VC firms to help them quickly evaluate merits of various investment proposals received and arrive at a go or no-go decision.

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Our research assignments for PE and VC firms spans across several industries ranging from Hi-tech to Agri-produce and covering investment opportunities in both developed markets and emerging economies like BRIC and Africa. Illustrative examples of assignments that we have executed for PE and VC firms include:

  • Identification, short-listing and profiling companies in the global 'Application Acceleration' software segment
  • Listing and profiling companies in the agri-business sector within select African countries
  • Profiling companies within the US Smart Grid ecosystem
  • Listing and profiling privately owned independent power producers across twenty emerging economies
  • Listing and profiling companies in the medical devices space across US and Europe
  • Global study on diabetes prevalence, treatment costs and glucose monitoring devices
  • Global study on graphic processing units covering market / competitive dynamics and technology trends
  • Business due diligence support for evaluating investment in a clinical research outsourcing firm based in India
  • Business due diligence support for evaluating investment in a hotel project in Morocco
  • Revenue potential analysis for Mobile VAS in select emerging markets
  • Market study on budget hotels segment in UK, Germany, France and Italy
  • Technology assessment for chemicals used in organic light emitting diode
  • Technology assessment for film deposition during semiconductor fabrication
  • Novelty search for new processing technique enabling imaging in foggy environment
  • Technology assessment - RF communication with implantable medical devices
  • Novelty search for new type of genetically modified corn seeds
  • Market attractiveness assessment and identifying inorganic growth opportunities in neighboring countries for manufacturer of ready-mix concrete (Portfolio company of US private equity firm with investments in Asia)
  • Dedicated analyst team to support ongoing market and competitor intelligence needs of CXOs in portfolio companies (European VC fund)
  • Global study on developments in the fuel cell industry (Portfolio company of Asian VC firm)
  • Market potential assessment for remote IT infrastructure management services in North America and EU15 countries (Portfolio company of European VC fund)
  • Research study on European small & medium enterprises spend on telecom services (Portfolio company of European PE firm)
  • Global study on solar energy deployment plans and targets covering 45 countries (Portfolio company of US based PE firm)
  • Setting up a chain of play-schools in GCC countries
  • Online retailing of premium apparel in India
  • Dedicated information and lifestyle portal for teens in US and Canada
  • Market opportunity assessment for pico-cells (access point base station)
  • New technology for water desalination
Identification and profiling of companies in target sectors with specific technology capabilities

Through a dedicated team model, Aranca supports a US based PE firm to identify and profile mid-market companies across specific investment themes, e.g. application performance management firms within the software sector

Research report on retail of gaming consoles and software in four European countries

A European PE firm, evaluating investment in a specialty retailer of video games / consoles, engaged Aranca to conduct a research study on this segment in four countries

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