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In order to cut costs and leverage a large talent pool, several global consulting firms including Mckinsey and Bain have set up captive knowledge centers in India. Many consulting firms which do not have their own centers, depend on Aranca for research and analytical support to help realize benefits of a captive without associated costs.

Through dedicated teams or bespoke projects, Aranca has been providing high quality, cost effective research support across multiple business areas to several boutique, mid-sized and large consulting firms in Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia-Pacific region. Deep domain knowledge across sectors and regions, extensive primary research capabilities and the ability to execute projects the ‘consulting way’ are factors that make us a preferred partner for management consultants across the globe.

Our portfolio of services for consulting firms include:

Business Research for Consulting Firms
Business Development
  • Prospect databases / Organization charts
  • Call prep sheets / Strategic client updates
  • Credential packs / Case studies
  • Proposal development
Project Execution
  • Execute specific modules of project
  • Data / analysis based on blank slides
  • B2B or B2C interviews
  • Desk research support
Quick Answers
  • Address consultant’s urgent requirements for data, analysis or insights
  • Turnaround times for such requests vary from a few hours to 3-5 days
Knowledge Management
  • Database building & maintenance e.g. industry specific metrics
  • Build and maintain internal knowledge repositories
  • Industry specific news briefs, technology trends, etc
Publishing Support
  • Presentation support for proposals, credential packs, project reports
  • Standard slides for internal use
  • Standardization of templates
Other Initiatives
  • Newsletters for clients
  • Research support for 'thought leadership' articles
  • Support training materials development & updation

Aranca's research assignments for consulting firms include a mix of market attractiveness assessments, surveys, competitive landscape analysis, sector reports and benchmarking studies. Illustrative examples of research projects that we have conducted for consulting clients include:

  • Research support for analyzing the distribution value chain for hair care products in India
  • Market potential and feasibility study for downstream projects in the GCC region, covering aluminum, copper and zinc
  • Pricing database for different international and national point-to-point IPVPN links
  • Market potential assessment for industrial chains (used in conveyor equipment) in India
  • Market study on grommets used in outdoor media advertising in five European countries
  • Assessing growth opportunities in the global phosphatic fertilizers value chain
  • Global market study on long steel products covering sixteen countries
  • Market study on salt chemicals in Saudi Arabia to support acquisition due diligence
  • Market opportunity assessment for setting up a radial tire manufacturing facility in India
  • Dedicated research center comprising five analysts for a European consulting firm to handle a range of information and analysis needs relating to desk & primary research, call prep sheets, industry newsletters and presentation support
  • Knowledge management support services for a mid-sized US consulting firm including database of industry metrics, strategic client updates, development of case studies, technology trends and research support for white papers
  • Market study on data centers in GCC region
  • Research report on alternate sales channels being used by US telecom companies
  • Survey of CIO / CTOs in life sciences sector to understand their technology spend priorities
Assessing growth opportunities in the global phosphatic fertilizers value chain

A consulting firm, advising its client on growth strategies, engaged Aranca to conduct a study on the global phosphatic fertilizer value chain and also identify potential targets for acquisition

Market Study on industrial chains (used in conveying equipment) in India

US based consulting firm, advising one of its clients on growth opportunities, engaged Aranca to evaluate the attractiveness of Indian market for industrial chains used in conveying equipment

Global market study on long steel products covering sixteen countries

A European consulting firm, advising a steel manufacturer on growth opportunities, engaged Aranca to study the market and competition dynamics for long steel products in 16 countries

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