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Over the years, Aranca has invested in building a high quality partner network for conducting primary interviews in local languages across major countries in the Asia Pacific region. In a market characterized by a lack of reliable documented information in many countries, linguistic disparity and substantial cultural barriers, our strategically positioned network of partner firms along with our main operations center in Mumbai - India, enables us to successfully overcome these challenges and provide our clients with customized, accurate and actionable insights. A fact which is substantiated by our strong track record of executing several hundred assignments in this region across industry verticals for global firms including banks, multinational companies, consulting firms, law firms and private equity firms

Our ability to generate on-the ground intelligence across hard to reach markets along with our repository of market intelligence databases, enables us to successfully combine local knowledge with global expertise to help our clients in addressing business questions around market opportunities, government regulations, current market trends, supply chain optimization and competitive landscapes.

Asia Pacific Business Research Experience

Aranca: Research Experience within the Asia Pacific Region

Asia Pacific Business Research

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Aranca’s Asia Pacific research experience encompasses multiple industry segments across all major economies within the region. Illustrative examples of recent research assignments that we have executed in this region include:

  • Aerospace MRO : Market & competition dynamics in Asia-Pacific region
  • Market opportunity assessment for business jets in Asia-Pacific countries
  • Market potential assessment for auto after-market parts in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand
  • Study on the market landscape and competition dynamics of the tires market in Thailand and India
  • Market study on remanufactured automotive components in China
  • Competitive intelligence report on 20 automotive component suppliers across Asia
  • Benchmarking study on volume of plastics and aluminum used in different car segments for selected brands/models across Asia
  • Market opportunity assessment for car rental services in India, China and South Korea
  • Analysis of risks and insurance requirements for companies in Indonesia’s Agriculture & Palm oil sector
  • Opportunity assessment for expatriate specific risk products in Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia
  • Market study on the vehicle financing sector in Malaysia
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis: Operations & financial performance of foreign banks in Asian countries
  • Market study on biocides in South Korea, China and Japan
  • Research study on Caprolactum demand-supply dynamics and manufacturing costs in Asia-Pacific region
  • Research study on pulp and paper chemicals in Asia-Pacific region
  • Analysis of international trade dynamics for dyestuff from India and China
  • Industry report: Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) in Thailand
  • Research study on personal care products across South East Asian countries
  • Supply chain assessment of cosmetics, perfume and toiletries manufacturing in Australia
  • Market study on innerwear (apparel) segment in India and profiling of regional players from acquisition perspective
  • Research study on room and car fresheners across twelve Asian countries
  • Market opportunity for project/construction management and design services in Australia & Indonesia
  • Market study on ready-mix concrete across sixteen Asia-Pacific countries
  • Market study on modular space and storage systems (temporary shelters) in India
  • Market study and business plan for construction equipment in India
  • Market opportunity assessments for baby food products in Australia
  • Research report on dairy industry and value added products in India
  • Research report on chocolate and malt based hot drinks in Indonesia
  • Market study on biscuits and confectionary products in Malaysia and Thailand
  • Market opportunity assessment for butterfly valves in India
  • Market study on industrial chains (used in conveying equipment) in India
  • Market study on steel castings for wind and hydro turbines in India and China
  • Market study on copper busbars in India, China, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea
  • Market opportunity assessment for power transformers in Indonesia and Thailand
  • Market study on SF6 breakers in India and China
  • Market for recycled copper and aluminum in India and China
  • Market report on the steel pipe and tube manufacturing industry in Australia
  • Market study on aluminum foil across seven Asia-Pacific countries
  • Market study on paint packaging in India and China
  • Market study on beverage cans and aerosols in China
  • Market study on easy-end open metal cans’ in food & beverages segment across India and South East Asia
  • Market study on corrugated packaging in India and China
  • Profiling and short-listing suitable candidates for acquisition in the flexible packaging sector with a specific focus on specialty films in India
  • Market report on dietary feedstock supplements for pig farming in China
  • Market study on animal nutrition products in India, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam
  • Research report on M&A activity in pharma and healthcare sector across Asian countries
  • Market study on oncology drugs in Asia Pacific region
  • Research study on diabetes incidence and treatment costs across ten Asia Pacific countries
  • Research report on grocery retailing sector in Vietnam
  • Research study on market dynamics of the coffee retail industry in Japan
  • Market opportunity assessment for distribution of non-food consumables to food service and grocery retail segments in China
  • Research study on enterprise telecom market opportunity in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand
  • Research report on Mobile VAS in Asia-Pacific region
  • Market opportunity assessment in the semiconductor and LED manufacturing industry in China, Taiwan, India and South Korea
  • Opportunity assessment within the LED luminaries and fixtures market across select Asian countries
  • Research report on the semiconductor industry in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and China
  • Market potential for Airport / Aviation related management information systems in China
  • Research study on Indian real estate classifieds sector (on-line and off-line)
  • Market entry strategy for a group discount based online retailing project in India
  • Research report on facility management services in China
  • Market opportunity assessment for niche (value added) facility management services in India
  • Market study on limited service / budget hotel segment in India
Market Study on remanufactured automotive components in China

A global Tier 1 automotive supplier was evaluating the market for re-manufactured auto components and commissioned Aranca to do a detailed study in China among other regions

Research study on Indian real estate classifieds sector (on-line and off-line)

A European company, evaluating an acquisition opportunity in the Indian real estate classifieds segment

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Operations & financial performance of foreign banks in Asian countries

A global banking group engaged Aranca to study the presence, operations, financial performance and future strategy of foreign banks in Asian countries

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