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Telecom, technology in developed economies or energy, chemicals, infrastructure in BRIC or oil & gas, real estate in Middle East and Africa or hydro power, mining in South America - over the last few years, Aranca has helped its clients to evaluate market opportunities or understand competition dynamics in over fifty countries.

Reliable market data and actionable insights are core to the research we deliver and we understand the limitations of paid or public sources of secondary information across sectors and geography. On a monthly basis, we conduct several hundred primary interviews with industry players or experts, 60% of which are in non-English speaking emerging economies. 

Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Business ResearchOur ability to generate on-the-ground intelligence across hard to reach markets in this region enables us to successfully help our clients in addressing business questions around market opportunities & trends, regulations, supply chain and competition [More]


Middle East & North Africa

Middle East and North Africa Business ResearchHaving completed nearly 500 projects for over 125 clients, Aranca has gained unparalleled knowledge of the businesses, markets and opportunities in this region. [More]


Central and Eastern Europe

Central and East Europe Business ResearchAranca has executed over 100 research projects across sectors in all the major economies within Central & Eastern Europe for regional and international companies evaluating opportunities from a market, sourcing or manufacturing base perspective [More]


North America

North America Business ResearchFor many industries, the North American region is well documented in terms of the sheer volume of paid and public sources of data on offer. The ability to sift through such volumes of information and identify key insights combined with our primary research capabilities to verify or supplement desk research are strengths that make us a knowledge partner of choice for research in this region [More]


Western Europe

Western Europe Business ResearchAranca has completed over 500 assignments within Western Europe across several sectors in multiple languages for large conglomerates, local companies and global firms including banks, multinational companies consulting firms, law firms and PE/VC firms [More]


South America

South America Business ResearchAranca has completed over 250 assignments across fifteen industries and all the important economies within the South American region for global firms including multinational companies, banks, consulting firms, law firms and private equity firms [More]


South, West & East Africa

South East West Africa Business ResearchAranca has executed over 100 research projects across 15 sectors for both local and international companies in countries like Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Benin among others [More]


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