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Aranca offers multiple engagement models, customized to meet client needs, be it on-going, project driven or ad-hoc research needs. Further, we recognize that a client's requirements can vary with time, due to business dynamics, or specific event-triggered changes. Aranca’s engagement models allow clients the flexibility to adapt team requirements to suit such changes, whether it is a ramp-up or ramp-down.


We offer the following models of engagement:

Dedicated Model

Aranca provides analysts at all levels dedicated to clients and who work exclusively on their projects. This model is most suitable for clients, who have a mix of regular and ad-hoc projects to be executed. A dedicated model of engagement ensures that clients get continuous support from the team. Not only are turnaround times faster in this model, but the client benefits by having the same set of analysts working on their requirements. This ensures faster learning, which reflects back in high quality deliverables.

Project Model

Many clients retain Aranca to execute their ad-hoc projects that may differ in scope and objectives. For such clients, we offer a project-based engagement model.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

Several clients see benefits in owning a captive research team setup. But, it is not always feasible for clients to have a large, dedicated analyst team that is working exclusively for them, without actually setting up the infrastructure, recruiting people and establishing presence. For such clients, we offer the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model of engagement, where we build an exclusive analyst team, house them in our premises, provide infrastructure and training support, and manage for a defined term till the client wants the team transferred. This is a quicker and a better way to build scale and have total control over the team without heavy upfront investment in the venture.

We can work out other suitable engagement models if required. Please talk to us to discuss more on this.

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