"Our clients see value in whatever we deliver. And we do a stellar job of meeting client's expectations and then, exceed them. Our business model is geared to go beyond client's needs. That's why, significant number of clients give us repeat business."


"We at ABLE really appreciate the professional acumen of ARANCA team in both project management and domain knowledge, which resulted a great work on BIO-IT and HEALTHCARE report, which is appreciated among all segment of industry, academia and policy maker and has a fair impact on international market to understand indian landscape of BIO-IT status its potential and role in healthcare in all its aspect."
--- Dr. Anil Chauhan, Director, ABLE India
"The best report that has come out of Mashreq."
--- Head of GTS Division in Mashreq
"Working with the Aranca Analyst was a pleasure. His role greatly enhanced our models as well as our client facing research. We would gladly serve as a reference client for anyone looking to hire Aranca."
--- Associate Director, Leading Investment Bank
"I am very happy with the Team Aranca and especially with the Aranca Analysts on how much they have worked hard on the Growth Index. This was created from scratch to what it now - It has been a lot of work and dedication. Thank you very much."
--- Head of Treasury, Hybrid Business Financing & PE House
"The offshore services monthly continues to improve with each iteration. I am generally please with the end product and hope it can continue to improve in the future as well."
--- Senior Vice President , Global oilfield services research
"The analyst has been very diligent in ensuring the timely delivery of all projects. He is proactive and ensures the accuracy of data which is critical in our field."
--- Portfolio Manager, Asset Management
"I would like to thank Aranca's team for their support and quality research. Please keep up the good work."
--- Research Manager, Saudi Closed Joint Stock company
Commitment to completing tasks and attention to detail. Frees my time up for further analysis. Analytically - the analyst have come a long way as well. Strong improvements in ability. Also, with staff changes in the team - the work performance continues to be exceptional with no hiccups. As I said to the team recently - 'Some days you folks keep me from going insane. '
--- Research Manager, Independent Asset Management Firm
"I am heavily dependent on Aranca’s analysts to build and maintain the financial models. So, any of the upstream MLP or midstream models could be used as a testament."
--- Senior Vice President - Global Oilfield Services Research, Brokerage Firm
"Overall I am happy with our collaboration. Evidence of that is our deepened relationship over the last 12 months and our desire to expand the relationship further."
--- Head of Investment Advisory, Leading Islamic Bank
"Well researched report covering company and industry specific info in details"
--- Director, Rates & Structured Solutions, Leading financial institution in the UAE
"The Aranca team has been vital to our success in our first 18 months as a business. The team's dedication to providing high quality, timely and consistent work is absolutely outstanding. Over the past year we have made tremendous operational improvements that are a direct result of the compelling efforts made every day by the team. Everyone here would like to extend their gratitude to each team member for all of their hard work. We are excited for what 2014 will bring and look forward to continuing our partnership. "
--- CFO, Cloud-based platform for bankers and investors
"The analysts provide great support with regards to drafting of funds materials, conducting market research and financial analysis. We can count on them to deliver assignments on time and as instructed. Their positive attitude and willingness to work late or on weekends if required is a big plus."
--- Senior Vice President, Leading asset management and investment banking firm
"Very happy with the team - as always. "
--- Marketing Manager, UK-based stockbroker
"Good understanding of different markets and detailed analysis of economic developments"
--- Director, Rates & Structured Solutions, Leading financial institution in the UAE
"Ever since I included research and analytics in my suite of services, I'm happy to share that I've been getting increasing inquiries for such services from my network."
--- Managing Director, Private investment banking, research, and analytics firm in the Philippines
"Warmest thanks for all of your hard work and outstanding contributions. I have counted on Aranca’s professional and well-experienced team to make a real difference in my career! Aranca’s team was a great support all over the entire 10-years of my career in equity research marking, and investment banking transactions."
--- Investment Consultant, Technology Services Firm in Saudi Arabia
"Recent work including on African brewers and Saudi consumer sector has been exceptional in coverage, succinctness and accuracy of buy/sell call"
--- Research Manager, Asset Management Firm
"Right attitude, clear understanding and effective writing style. Well researched analysis"
– Director, Rates & Structured Solutions, Financial Institution in the Middle East
"Thanks to the analyst for his positive attitude, responsiveness and timely turn-around time. I really appreciate it."
– Head of Investment Advisory, Islamic Bank in the UAE
"Do appreciate your passion and commitment to our projects. It really shows in the results. Keep it up."
– Senior Manager, Knowledge Centre
"I thanks the analyst for his perseverance, hard work, timely feedback and commitment. The relationship continues to improve as he understands the nature of our business better."
– Head of Investment Advisory, UAE based Islamic Bank
"We went out looking for a service provider who could provide research reports covering currency, fixed income and currency markets that supported our investment decisions, and at the same time could be shared with our partners who sought to understand the markets that we invest in. Aranca was awarded the mandate, and Aranca has so far delivered very well on this mandate."
– Head of Investments and Business Development, Financial Services Firm
"The Aranca team's dedicated and hard work has been a vital factor in our business success during its first year. We are extremely fortunate to be working with Aranca."
– CFO, Cloud based platform
"I've been very impressed with the work of the team in the time I've worked with them over the last two years. They're work has always been of the highest standard and they have been very patient in managing the recommendations made by our brokers and pointing out inaccuracies in our own output prior to publication. We are very happy customers of Aranca. Keep up the good work!"
– Marketing Manager, UK based stock broking firm
"We had to develop a unique, sophisticated model of an asset based loan that reflected a lender's non-standard terms. Aranca did a great job of incorporating the constraints and nuances of the loan into the model, while contending with multiple revisions, allowing us to accurately understand the viability of the transaction."
– Managing Director, US Independent Investment Bank
"As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to thank you all for your hard work and commitment. All of us in New York couldn’t have asked for a better team and a better partner. "
– Senior Associate, US Investment Management Firm
"Your team has been fantastic to work with. The work product the analysts have put together is really impressive. They have been responsive, thorough and professional. So, in summary, I enjoy working with the team. "
– US Hedge Fund
"As mentioned at the beginning we were very content with the work you provided and could use your work very well. We will gladly contact you again in the future for capital market transactions we advise, if we have a need for additional resources."
– Head of corporate finance of a mid-sized investment bank based in Switzerland
"We have successfully published the Research Paper and have already received very good publicity for the same. Thank you for your hard work and a job well done."
- Leading investment bank in Dubai.
"The team’s level of conduct, effort, expertise, professionalism and excellence was outstanding. Well done and keep up the good work."
- An alternative asset management co based in Dubai
"We ramped up our coverage into microcaps quickly due to your help."
- Head of Research, Large US-based brokerage
"Aranca's timely research support has always helped us in our investment strategy."
- Chief Investment Officer, US-based Hedge Fund
"Great work as always. "
- Senior Analyst, a leading European Investment Bank
"I want to compliment you for the accurate, timely and comprehensive information that has helped us in evaluating investment opportunities better."
- Partner, US-based Venture Capital Firm
"Aranca has been providing research and analytical support to our equity team for over two years now. The analysts at Aranca are resourceful, knowledgeable and facilitate the generation of innovative ideas. Aranca has a very structured due diligence process and follows stringent protocols with regards to confidentiality."
- SVP, Capital Markets Division, A leading Investment Bank, Dubai
"Thorough and insightful research."
- Portfolio Manager, US-based mid-sized investment bank
"Your analysts performed very well on the recent assignment. I will come back if there is similar need."
- Head of Economics Research, A large MENA-based I-bank
"Quick turnaround with good quality. Much appreciated."
- Head of Equity Research, a leading US-based IRP.
"Good work done on the collation of Trade Statistics part."
--- Senior Consultant - Research and Advisory Services
"Really pleased with Aranca's efforts over the last year. The speed of response has been tremendous, and the flexibility to adapt to most business challenges also highly valued. Although the team has changed, there has been no noticeable detrimental impact to the service we have received. We look forward to continuing to work with Aranca in the future..."
- Senior Customer Insight Manager, Major global financial services provider
"The team did a fantastic job at understanding a complex task and delivering to a tight deadline."
- Consultant, Global energy and mining research and consultancy group
"The team did a good job in delivering a project in a fast and orderly fashion. In collaboration with the Aranca team changes were made quickly. Thanks for your support."
- Senior Consultant, independent management consulting firm in Netherlands
"Every company profile that we have received has been better than the last. The work product is continually improving and helping our team greatly."
- Director, Research, Global Real Estate Services Firm
"In Aranca we have a professional analyst as a flexible back-up, enabling us to work 24/7. They understand investment banking and respond quickly on our request"
- M&A Project Manager & Financial Advisor, Norway based Strategic and Financial Advisory Services Firm
"The guys we worked with were great, they understood our project and were keen to assist. The level of engagement was excellent and we look forward to working with Aranca in the future."
- Consultant, Management Consultancy
"Thank you for the very quick turn around on this project. As you know, we had already done some preliminary research of our own, but your presentation format along with several key findings and market insights are very helpful."
- Business Development Manager, US Law Firm
"Very impressed with the final version..credit to you and your team for the hard work that was put in to preparing this document."
- Hospitality Management firm in the MENA region
"Very happy with the work so far and will soon engage for phase 2"
- Director, Renewable Energy Solution Provider
"Aranca's findings helped us quickly evaluate our decision to enter a new market segment."
- CEO, Leading Telecom Company in GCC
"Your work on the Senegal market helped us deliver a viable solution to our client. Your project manager ensured timely delivery."
- Partner, Abu Dhabi-based consulting firm
"Aranca's strategic clients update report covering recent initiatives, management changes, business issues and litigation activity has helped get new clients and generate more revenue."
- Partner, US Law Firm
"Thank you for helping us understand the rapidly evolving tech support market in such a niche segment. "
- CEO, Large US based VC Firm
"Aranca's solution is helping us rationalize the research spend across multiple offices and ensure standardization."
- Head of Strategy, A Fortune 500 company
"Your work is top notch! I will be glad to work with you again."
- Head of Marketing, A leading US-based Aviation and Defense Equipment supplier
"I must say this is a high quality piece of work! "
- Senior Consultant, Australia-based Farm Equipment Mfg Co.
"The scoring model and the market estimation that you did for this niche market is remarkable. We liked the output very much."
- Associate Vice President, A US-based Energy Sector start-up
"We understood the deviations in our procurement contracts from your benchmarking efforts. We look forward to partnering with Aranca in the next review cycle"
- Head of Procurement and Supply Chain, MENA-based Auto market leader
"The (Aranca) team did a great job of honing in on exactly what we needed. The detail of the report on the banking space in Turkey enabled us to take some quick decisions."
- Vice President, Leading bank in Turkey
"Aranca helped us to explore the market possibilities in a new business area which was new to both Aranca and us. Aranca showed to be flexible, responsive and verified the quality of the output several times during the project. This resulted in high quality output and due to this excellent and quick response of the Aranca team we got a very good view on the possibilities and where to put our marketing efforts in the near future."
- Senior Manager, European Subsidiary, Large global oil firm
"Your research helped us understand the industry better. Thanks for all your assistance"
- Senior Partner, An education/technology focused VC firm
"I thought the competitive landscape study provided by you guys was very good. It gave us lot of clarity in terms of where we stand in the market and the presentation of all that on a 2X2 matrix format was great. We also felt the recommendations were relevant to our business and very actionable."
- Head of Strategy, A Semiconductor Supplier
"I know that authentic data about the Indian rural market is difficult to find, but Aranca did a great job despite such constraints."
- Head of New Business Development, A Global Beverages Company
"Good work. What a great team! It was a pleasure working on this study with you."
- General Manager, A B2B Insurance provider
"The data was insightful. We were happy with the quality of communication throughout the process – seamless."
- CEO, Leading UK based media buying house
"Thank you for this great study. I can understand how challenging it is to undertake a study of these proportions, but it is really wonderful that Aranca managed to pull it off."
- VP, Business Development, A Saudi-based metals company
"Our partnership with Aranca has evolved considerably in the past two years primarily because you have exceeded our expectations so many times. Keep up the good work!"
- Director, Supply Chain, A UK-based Pharma Company
"Your assistance in developing products is appreciated. My congratulations to the Aranca team for completing the project in a short duration."
- Senior VP, A global mobile/wireless services company
"The industry reports provided to us by Aranca were well researched and insightful."
- Head of Strategy, Global travel portal
"This was really great data. We never thought so much data could be found for Indonesia through desk research!"
- Vice President, Business Development, A sanitary products company
"Your consultative approach and understanding of our precise requirements is much appreciated."
- Head of Corporate Planning, A leading Germany-based Die maker
"It is pleasure working with your team. The analysis is excellent."
--- Contract research organization specializing in DNA sequencing
"Our acquisition was fairly unique in that we purchased a division of a company that we intended to keep open for a short period of time versus a perpetual agreement. With this Aranca was able to assimilate and analyze all of the information to adequately perform the required analysis."
--- Technology solutions and services firm
"Aranca did a fantastic job on the valuation project for us. They were very efficient and thorough in the process and we will definitely engage them again with one of our other investments. Job well done!"
--- Head of International, Investment & Advisory Business
"Our acquisition was fairly unique in that we purchased a division of a company that we intended to keep open for a short period of time versus a perpetual agreement. With this Aranca was able to assimilate and analyze all of the information to adequately perform the required analysis."
--- Controller, Technology Solutions Firm
"Great process as always. Tremendous communication from the team to us. Very responsive."
--- Entrepreneur
"Appreciate the thorough work and responsiveness to our feedback."
--- Physician entrepreneur in the vascular access space
"Numbers delivery on time by knowledgeable analyst willing to accommodate company schedule. Well written and presented report."
- Nanotechnology Firm
"Wanted to thank you for your work ,I do appreciate the help and level of professionalism."
- Co-founder, Self-service Cross-channel Marketing Analytics Platform
"Great work by the team; extremely responsive and time sensitive and delivered quality results within agreed timelines"
- CFO, Global enterprise data solutions provider
"Great working relationship, appreciate all the time effort the Aranca team puts into our annual valuation. Thank you "
- CFO, Leading provider of business management software solutions for HME, DME providers
"I really appreciated the thoroughness and quality of the report. The fact also that the report was completed within a very short timeframe to be available in time for our board meeting was greatly appreciated by everybody."
- President & Founder, Social enterprise designing, manufacturing and distributing solar lights/power products in the developing world
"It always has been pleasure working with Aranca team members. They are dedicated, hard working and expert in 409(A) valuation area!"
- CFO, US Venture Accelerator
"I just finished my second startup company 409a valuation with Aranca. I'm extremely satisfied with their work. The knowledge of valuation methodologies, the speed with which they work and the quality of their work product are very, very impressive. I say this with many, many years of experience in buying services of all types for big and small companies that I have worked for an run. The Aranca team takes pride in their work and it shows. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again or recommend them to other firms."
- CEO, US based Mobile Application Company
"Thanks for all of your efforts and commitment to our project. The team did a great job in a short period of time, and I really appreciate it! I’ve worked with multiple 409A firms in my past, and the job that your team did was by far the best. Please let me know if I can be a reference for you in the future as I would be happy to share our positive experience."
- CFO, Leading US ecommerce platform
"I was very pleased with Aranca's prompt and professional service. I would highly recommend their valuation services for any startup."
- President & Co-Founder, Consumer internet startup
"I highly recommend Aranca. They are thorough in their valuation process, responsive and confident in their methodologies."
- CEO, A solar technology company
"We have had a few valuations done by Aranca. ... Absolutely no problems with the reports, we have a very complicated cap structure and have filed an S-1, and the SEC has reviewed and blessed the results and the supporting report. These were done expertly and at a very competitive price."
- Partner, Legal Counsel Firm
"Based on my past experience of working with a number of valuation firms, it has been a real pleasure working with you and your team. You were all very professional, thoughtful and thorough."
- CFO, Online Retailer
"The entire Executive Team and Board of Directors is very pleased with your efforts. We desire to do an annual valuation with Aranca in the future, so let's please touch base later this year to start planning. Thank you for the terrific effort, communications and result. "
- US based online education consulting firm
"Just wanted to let you know that we've completed the valuation with your team and they did an excellent job...they did an excellent job, were very patient, and worked with us in a very collaborative manner. Happy to be a reference if you need one. We'll be back!"
- US based contract research organization
"Thank you for helping us through this exercise quickly."
- A Silicon Valley based high-tech startup
"Thank you so much for your help on this & for your responsiveness throughout, it's been a pleasure working with you. Look forward to working together again some time in the future hopefully."
- UK new media platform
"At the first glance, the report seems to be of very good quality. Thank you very much for this impressive example of the quality of Aranca's work"
- Patent Attorney
"I have studied your report very carefully and think that it gave me all answers which I needed. Thanks again for the very good work."
- Swiss Patent Attorney
"Thanks very much for the search results; we reviewed them, and we liked what we saw. We are definitely interested in doing further business with you."
- Global law firm
"I have been very pleased with the novelty searches you have made for me. We would like to undertake another novelty search."
- Manager, IPR, Scandinavian company in the forest industry
"I am so far very content and pleased with your work. You guys provide good quality work and it has been really helpful to me in all the assignments, I have taken your help for. This I say because I have worked with other service providers earlier and I can say that your work is of high quality and I am very satisfied with it."
- Legal Services Team, Patent & Licensing Dept., European Chemicals and Biotechnology Company
"In general we are very pleased with the search results you and your team provided us and I am happy to have such a professional and obliging contact person."
- Intellectual Property Rechercheur, Global manufacturing company headquartered at Switzerland
"Really nice work. Your comments in the summary are very helpful and discloses your thoughts during the search."
- Patent Counsel, European Industrial Engineering Company
"I am very pleased with the documents shared by you…very relevant. We will definitely work together with you on similar cases in the future."
- Attorney, European Law Firm
"Thank you very much for the willingness to fit everything to my wishes and in such short time. I am very pleased with the landscape study and your explanations were very clear and to the point"
- Patent Information Specialist, European Patent Agency
"Very good. Your report was well done, clear and helpful. We will be inclined to come back for future projects of this nature as the need arises."
- Chief Patent Officer, US based independent, nonprofit research institute
"I am pleased to see that Aranca still appears as professional as when I got in touch with you two years ago. We are interested in using your patent search services again."
- A Europe-based automotive supplier
"Thank you for the report. I have reviewed the report and the most relevant document. You have done a great job."
- European Patent Attorney
"We are very satisfied with the search report and the presented results. From our side we do not feel that a phone conversation is necessary: the documents found are a good match compared to the instructions we sent to you."
- A US based university
"The report is professional and has more information than we typically get. You guys did a great job on the call and helped us to focus on what to do next. Well done!"
- Head, R&D, Biotechnology company
"Thank you for your professionalism and timeliness for completing this very well done report. It¹s great to see how intellectual assets can work from abroad, charge competitive US rates, and provide a perhaps a better service than local firms in the US."
- Partner, A US-based VC Firm
"I am really happy to receive the relevant hit and the other related patents. They were helpful for us in the opposition case. Very good work and whenever we have a need to outsource work we will surely approach Aranca"
- Leading global manufacturing firm
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